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Let’s face it, weed can be quite complicated.

We’ve fielded our fair share of questions from friends and family looking for what products to buy, or asking how the weed works. So we set out to try every cannabis product in the country in order to make sense of weed for them, and you.

Whether you’ve been on the hunt for years, or are new to the game, Proper is your go-to spot for geeking out on all things cannabis.

A product that’s Good For

The days of one-size-fits-all weed are over. In its place is the right high for every situation.

We’ve spent 64,083 hours to date testing the best cannabis products with one goal in mind, finding the right products for every occasion.

Expert ratings by real humans

Every Score, Good For, and Review is created by a small group of passionate experts (The Proper Cannabis Committee) that live and breathe all things cannabis. Because computers can’t smoke weed - yet.

5 out of 5 pot leafs

UGC rating systems are useless. Just like hypothetical effect tags, or recycled content from another website that copied another website.

We roll everything on our own. Here’s how it works:

Remove any biases

The Committee receives blind product samples. No brand name, no packaging, no option for special treatment.

Evaluate everything

We built a proprietary app that the Committee uses to measure, characterize, and record all the feels throughout their entire high.

Share it with you

60+ different data points, and at least two sessions later, we generate a Proper Score, and other key info shared directly with you, unfiltered and raw.

Your weed guinea pigs

Don’t waste time or money, let us do that for you. Browse products by their Score, read what our experts are saying, and compare options on where to buy.

Roll with us

Follow us in our quest for finding the best cannabis on the planet.

We promise it’s better than following your high school friends.

Welcome to Proper

Proper requires all users to be 21+ and needs location access to find products nearby.