Relaxing Cannabis For Your Next Spa Day
by Morgan Sullivan
Oct 29, 20197 minute read

These products should turn an average trip to the spa into a day of blissful recovery.

Relax and recoup. Aren’t those the goals every time you step out of a long, draining week of work? You just want the most of your free time, and you’re mad that insurance doesn’t cover the much-needed massage you’ve been craving since you hurt your back doing god knows what. Whether you’ve booked a full day of treatments or you’ve simply settled into your couch with a heating pad and a steaming mug of cocoa, these products will assist you in treating yourself.

The Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has tested hundreds of pain-relieving and stress-reducing products so you don’t have to risk the error in trial and error. These are the top picks for when you need to bliss out and undo the strains of life because let's face it, it’s pretty hard to have a human body these days. Make those free moments count with a little bit of soothing cannabis.


For your deep-tissue massage

Breez’s Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Mints
Potency: 5mg THC, 5mg CBD per mint

Breez's Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Mints are sweet little edibles known for creating an easy, calming high. The THC content is equal to the CBD, building a soothing body buzz and an excellent level of overall comfort. If you're stressed out, one of these should take the edge off. Two typically make for a great ride that would pair well with a day at the spa, complete with a long massage that will leave tensions melting away with this buzz.

For your deluxe mani-pedi

Island’s Velvet Hammer Mini’s
Potency: 23% THC

Island's Velvet Hammer Mini's are tiny hybrid pre-rolls with an earthy, fruity flavor. A wave of calm usually hits right before the actual high, which tends to be happily zoned out. The body buzz keeps you relaxed, making this ideal for leaning back and letting someone with a more skilled hand deal with your calluses and hangnails. The cerebral high should inspire you to go with a more experimental look than your usual manicure, but you’ll feel pretty pampered regardless of the color you leave with.

For your steam rooms and saunas

Beboe's Downtime Vaporizer Pen
Potency: 49% THC, 3% CBD

Beboe's Downtime Vaporizer Pen is a flavorful all-in-one with blueberry and lavender vapor. It's sweet, smooth, and typically calming. The relaxing buzz is often mellow and mild. You should use this to erase a foul mood or sink into a sauna and close your eyes for a chunk of this fleeting high. The sleek and simple design makes it easy to take on the go, whether you want to puff this on your walk to the spa or as you undress for the steam room.


For your deep-tissue massage

Grön's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar 1:1
Potency: 5mg THC, 5mg CBD per piece

Grön's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar 1:1 is a crowd-pleasing edible from its satisfying flavor to its soothing high. You can expect to feel uplifted with a wave of calm, which is good for managing your mood and providing some extra comfort while you lay on the massage table and let the professionals handle your knots. The THC-to-CBD ratio is perfectly balanced, so you should feel comfortable and at peace.

For your deluxe mani-pedi

Sticks' Lucid Blue pre-roll
Potency: 23% THC

Sticks' Lucid Blue pre-roll is packed with sativa flower and a garden-dirt flavor. The uplifting head high is typically balanced with a relaxing body high, so now’s the time to focus on your physical wellness. Consider this when you’re about to take the afternoon off, go to a yoga class, and finish off your day with a manicure so well-deserved you might as well add a hand scrub in there, too. You’re worth it.

For your steam rooms and saunas

7 Points Oregon's Sweet Relief OG flower
Potency: 33.13% THC, 0.07% CBD

7 Points Oregon's Sweet Relief OG flower is an earthy indica with a woodsy forest aroma. The resulting high is often euphoric and balanced, coating the mind with a heavy haze while it erases physical tensions. This high also makes food taste heavenly, so that’s why you should consider smoking this before a restorative session in the steam room and follow up with a dessert or lunch date with yourself. That’s the recipe for a perfect high at the spa.


For your deep-tissue massage

Green Revolution's Sleep Sublingual Spray
Potency: 2.5mg THC, 0.25mg CBN per dose

Green Revolution's Sleep Sublingual Spray is lemony and microdosable. A spritz or two under the tongue will likely leave you soothed and unwound, so consider this a lazy buzz. The right dose could make you feel like you just walked out of a deep tissue massage, so use this time to actually go get a massage and have the most relaxing experience you possibly can. Pair with a hot bath and a face mask when you get home for an extra dose of luxury.

For your deluxe mani-pedi

House of Cultivar's Strawberry Goldfinger pre-roll
Potency: 41.8% THC, 0.3% CBD

The Strawberry Goldfinger by House of Cultivar is a potent and premium pre-roll with a sweet berry flavor. A joint this strong is no joke, but the overall balanced high often prevents it from feeling too extreme. You should feel happy and unwound, so it’s great for getting a complete revamp on your nails. You might consider starting this high with a nice walk in the fresh air before you sit down in the salon chair and slow down. Try not to overthink your color choices and do visit a nail tech you’re already familiar with to stay ultra-comfortable.

For your steam rooms and saunas

Gabriel Cannabis's Gummo flower
Potency: 21.5% THC

Gabriel Cannabis's Gummo flower is a perfumy hybrid with a crisp, clean smoke. The high is good for a post-workout refresh because of its soothing body buzz, so use it to reset yourself before unwinding in the steam room. It's good for reconnecting with your body, so it can be the ideal spa day companion. Try to get in a mud bath or a saline pool, too, if that’s your thing.


For your deep-tissue massage

BlueKudu's Cookies & Cream chocolate bar
Potency: 5mg THC per piece

BlueKudu's Cookies & Cream chocolate bar is known for its unwinding and giggly high. The flavor and texture are tied together in a sweet and simple experience that lingers on your tongue just long enough to remain pleasant. When the high hits, expect a potent buzz in the head. Take this about 45 minutes before your massage appointment so you’re already on the table when things fall into place. You might even feel meditative. There isn't much to complain about when this bar can do all that and ease aches, too.

For your deluxe mani-pedi

The Root of It All’s STOP tincture
Potency: 3mg THC, 1mg CBD per dose

STOP is a sweet lavender and chamomile tincture from The Root of It All. Sometimes you need to spend the day recovering with a nice high and long massage, and this tincture is likely to get you there. This balanced buzz typically provides a wash of relaxation that can leave you unwound and ready for a day of pampering. Let your mind wander and your tensions unwind while the massage therapist works out the tough spots.

For your steam rooms and saunas

Concentrate Remedies' Natty Rems OG Hi Terpene Cartridge
Potency: 81.46% THC

Concentrate Remedies' Natty Rems OG Hi Terpene Cartridge tends to provide a euphoric and balanced high. The flavor is as enjoyable as the mindless relaxation that tags along, which is well-suited for a steamy session in the sauna and a long walk afterward. Use this to take your mind off of the Sunday scaries and onto some delightfully weird high thoughts. 

For more options, check out our curated lists of soothing, CBD-heavy highs in California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado

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by Morgan Sullivan
Oct 29, 20197 minute read

Morgan's thoughts are almost as overactive as her mouth, so her product preferences lean towards something with a focusing effect. It doesn't hurt if that cannabis can replace a cup of coffee, too.

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