The Best California Pre-Rolls For Every Situation
by Kate Ryan
Nov 07, 20194 minute read

Last updated: November 2019

If this is your first time consulting one of our Best Of guides, you might be wondering who the heck we are, why you should trust us, and how we came to these decisions. Glad you asked. Read up on the full explanation of our judging process here. The best of the best California pre-rolls will be here when you’re done.

Effect: Arousal
Product: Good Brands' Northern Lights Pre-Roll

Sharp flavors of citrus and pine don’t necessarily foreshadow a relaxed high, but this pre-roll is supremely balanced and comforting. When it comes to enhancing intimate activities, this joint packs the arousing trifecta of buoyant pain relief, a euphoric head high, and a soothing yet alert body buzz. “I find myself playing cheerful music and looking forward to the day,” one rater noted while testing this pre-roll. “Also, I’m oddly aroused although I am all by myself. I guess that's a personal problem.” Take note that a touch of dry mouth can accompany this high from time to time, leaving you all kinds of thirsty.

Next best thing: Sherbinskis' Gello Gelato Pre-Roll

Effect: Relaxation
Product: Lowell Herb Co.’s Party Hybrid Pack

Contrary to the festive name, these hybrid pre-rolls deliver head-to-toe relaxation with minimal intoxication. This subtle, functional high works well to lessen the blow of stressful afternoons, crowded public transportation, and mountains of chores. “I’m starting my Monday a little under the weather,” reported one rater, “but this flower is calming my stress so I can focus.” The best part about these pre-rolls? They’re extra-flexible. Even if you have nothing bumming you out, they could just as easily enhance a mellow day at the park.

Next best thing: Stone Road’s Stone Road Standard

Effect: Focus
Product: Island's Maui Dream Mini's

These pint-sized pre-rolls pack a ton of earthy citrus flavor and an uplifting, inspired high that almost guarantees a rush of creative thinking. After taking a few hits, one rater reported, “I immediately want to make something, so there's quick creativity to this buzz.” Unlike some of the other dialed-in pre-rolls we tested, the soothing body high often arrives well after the initial burst of inspiration, leaving you with plenty of time to get work done before the urge to nap sets in.

Next best thing: Canndescent’s Cruise Pre-Roll

Effect: Energy
Product: Canndescent’s Create Pre-Roll

Sure, this pre-roll might inspire you to paint a sunset, but where it really excels is the energy department. With an herbal aftertaste and a smooth onset that won’t slow you down, this high is ideal for both outdoorsy adventures and long afternoons spent in front of a screen. As one rater described, “I’m doing some work and this is keeping me creative and energized. Not jittery at all, just feeling all-around nice.” While this pre-roll came out on top for having almost no side effects, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of your caffeine intake while imbibing.

Next best thing: Lowell Herb Co.'s Rapturous Sativa Quicks

Effect: Euphoria
Product: Pure Beauty’s Fancy Violet Flower Cigarettes

One pack of these is all you need to get the party started and keep it going. The creamy, herbal smoke goes down so smoothly most raters had a hard time stopping at their usual cut-off. Though that may not be a bad thing. As one rater reported, “This is that true euphoria, that feeling that’s unmistakable when it truly happens. And it’s full body. I actually feel like I’m floating three feet above my chair.” Need I say more?

Next best thing: Sunday Goods' Sativa Blend Pack

Effect: Relief
Product: THC Design’s Space Oddity Pack

Often, pain-relieving highs do the job effectively—but not before knocking you out first. Not the case with this pre-roll. Purely relaxing without being debilitating, raters loved this high because it was effective without getting in the way. As one rater put it, “The onset of the high is very pleasant—not too heavy, not too weak, just right.” For those self-care sessions you look forward to all week (or all day), this is our top pick.

Next best thing: Sherbinskis' Pink Panties Pre-Roll

Effect: Sleep
Product: Lowell Herb Co.’s Siesta Indica Pack

It’s a knockout high in the truest sense of the word. According to one rater who barely stayed awake long enough to leave this note, “I almost passed out immediately after smoking this. I will be trying to crawl into bed.” Drowsy, intoxicating, comforting—these pre-rolls deliver all of that and more. If you manage to stay awake long enough to actually feel the high, you’ll likely want plenty of snacks and a good movie in front of you. Don’t fight it.

Next best thing: Lowell Herb Co.’s Calming Indica Smokes

About the Author

by Kate Ryan
Nov 07, 20194 minute read

As a mutt mom, sci-fi buff, and soft athlete, Kate likes low-dose products that have an intoxicating edge with a side of relief. Don't expect her to try anything without a balanced ratio of THC to CBD.

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