Your Weed-Influenced Guide To San Diego's Summer Art Events
by Lara McCaffrey
Jul 12, 20194 minute read

I paired the best cannabis with the best events in San Diego so you can focus on getting artsy.

Maybe you’ve already heard, but weed plus art equals a winning combo. Famous creatives like Pablo Picasso and William Shakespeare are said to have used the herb to fuel their masterpieces, but with the right product, even the inspired observer can enhance their experiences. For those ready to stimulate their left brain, here are my top picks for artsy events and activities happening during San Diego’s summer and the best cannabis to go with them.

Credit: Digital Gym Cinema

Do: Indie Movies at Digital Gym Cinema 

Eat: Breez's Royal Mints

Digital Gym in North Park shows indie flicks not available at your local AMC. This July, pick from Mexican drama Nuestra Tiempo (showing July 12-18), coming of age movie Ruta Madre (showing July 13-18) and more. Films at Digital Gym are typically outside of Hollywood norms, requiring an attentive mindset for an optimal experience. My advice? Pair this thought-provoking movie night with the body-softening, awareness-heightening powers Breez's Royal MintsRemember, timing is everything with edibles, so take one or two mints 90 minutes before the show to make the most of the effects.

Do: Canvas-N-Cannabis Paint Night

Smoke: Canndescent's Create Flower

Think wine and paint night but with cannabis! Offered through West Coast Cannabis Tours, this event is held on the last Saturday evening of every month for $69 a person. With guidance from instructors (and creative inspiration from Mary Jane), participants create their own works of art in a judgement-free, 420-friendly environment. Since this really is the place to let loose and experiment with a hyper-creative, psychedelic head high, I’d recommend going with Canndescent’s Create flower or one of their Create pre-rolls if you don’t feel like rolling up your own.

Do: Fine Art Galleries in La Jolla

Vape: Happy Sticks' Orange Crush PAX 

The seaside neighborhood of La Jolla offers breathtaking views, enough 5-star restaurants to satisfy any foodie, and art galleries galore. The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s La Jolla location may still be undergoing renovation, but there’s still plenty to do art-wise. Visit Thumbprint for contemporary pop culture works, Legends to see former La Jolla resident Dr. Suess’ art, and Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery for the hottest in contemporary works. Happy Sticks’ Orange Crush PAX Era Pod would pair well with La Jolla’s serene views while giving you enough energy to deal with tourist-packed crowds.

Credit: Wonderspaces

Do: Wonderspaces

Vape: Jetty Extracts' Maui Wowie Gold

The Instagram-friendly exhibit is back in San Diego, this time stationed downtown instead of Mission Valley. Wonderspaces’ newest exhibition, “in common,” has pieces like the interactive Confessions by Candy Chang, the mesmerizing Experiment 2.C by Dan Goods and David Delgado, and the colorful, yarn-covered furniture in Rainbow Rooms by Pierre le Riche. “in common” is abound with bright colors, lights, and shadows—an event a fast-acting, mind-expanding product like Jetty Extracts’ Maui Wowie Gold disposable vape would compliment perfectly.

Do: An Art Class at Art Produce Gallery

Eat: Kiva's Pineapple Petra Mints

For a suggested donation of $5, North Park community space Art Produce Gallery provides supplies, instruction, and a friendly environment to create works of art from 12 to 2pm every Saturday until August 31. The courses on sculpting, painting, drawing, and more often take place in their garden—perfect for warm summer days. It’s a family-friendly event, so consider microdosing with Kiva’s Pineapple Petra Mints, which contain a scant 2.5mg THC each, to get creative without losing your sense of space and time.

Credit: Barrio Art Crawl

Do: Barrio Art Crawl

Smoke: Sunday Goods' Sativa Blend Pack

The self-guided Barrio Art Crawl takes place every second Saturday of the month in Logan Heights. Art spaces in the renowned neighborhood like Chicano Art Gallery and Mesheeka are getting pushed out due to the unfortunate rapid gentrification. Barrio Art Crawl is a great way to see the art still unscathed by opportunistic developers and landlords. There, you’ll find murals, galleries, and studios, as well as shops to mosey around in and food and drink to enjoy. Sunday Goods’ Sativa Blend Pack should provide the right uplifting vibes to keep you keeping up with both the music and relentless energy of Barrio Art Crawl.

Credit: Wikimedia

Do: "The Art of Summer" at Balboa Park

Eat: Kiva's Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummies

Through September 2nd, Friday nights at Balboa Park will see an invasion of food trucks on El Prado, activities, entertainment, and extended museum hours. Food and activities vary by week but they post a schedule on their website. The event on July 19 will include 15 food trucks, mural painting at the Timken Museum of Art, and a performance by boogie-woogie artist, Sue Palmer. Endurance and a mighty appetite are key here. Kiva’s Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummies will deliver the right spicy kick of energy and a steady stream of munchies to help you sample as many food trucks as possible.

About the Author

by Lara McCaffrey
Jul 12, 20194 minute read

Lara McCaffrey has degrees from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and University of California, San Diego. A writer based in California, she has bylines in Psychology Today, San Diego CityBeat, Pacific Magazine, and more.

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