9 Energizing Highs For Active Californians
Guide by Kate Ryan
Jan 16, 2019 · 5 min read

Whether it's errands or the world you're running, we've got you covered.

The lazy stoner. The couch-locked high. It’s a persisting stereotype, mainly because there’s some truth to it. Some cannabis products certainly help with sleep, and if smoking an indica pre-roll before an afternoon nap is wrong, we don’t want to be right. That said, not all weed will knock you out, which can be alarming for those expecting to get a sleepy high every time.

These are the products for all of us errand runners, after-work spin class warriors, midnight oil burners, hikers, planners, and over-planners. While some of the products on this list blend cannabis with caffeine for an energizing and balanced high, others rely on compounds naturally found in weed and other plants to keep the high upbeat. Limonene, a terpene found in citrus and certain strains of cannabis, gives off not only a lemony scent but bright, uplifting effects as well. This also explains why the energizing smokeables on this list all pack a citrusy punch.

If you live in California, you're in luck. The CA branch of the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has tried it all and deemed these products as the best for go-go days and nights. 

Flow Kana’s citrusy take on Diesel is a calming, CBD-rich flower with an energizing twist. The head buzz relaxes the mind without the couch-lock, while the CBD soothes the body from aches. This is a good smoke for getting outdoors or preparing dinner, helping you reap the rewards of getting mindful in the process. Our only warning: once the high fades, you might feel a bit of a crash, so have a comfy spot ready to catch you.

These chocolate-covered espresso beans are popular for their uplifting effects and balanced flavor. One rater said the beans gave her a “light yet perky high,” adding, “these would be great for a morning wake and bake or even an evening pick me up.” As an added benefit, they’re low dose (5mg of THC per bean), making them perfect snacks for an active day. Another PCC member loves their energizing yet anxiety-quelling powers so much, she ate them throughout her wedding day.

The beautiful thing about vape pens? Easy access and glorious discretion. DomPen’s California Citrus pen ranks highly among raters for that reason; it delivers a clean and comfortable vapor that can keep you going without making your high look too obvious. As one rater noted, “With an uplifting, subtle buzz, this pen would be good for socializing and going out.” And when combined with other products, it keeps an existing high going strong.

It's no wonder Défoncé, a chocolate edible brand known for quality and consistency, churned out a winner with this matcha chocolate bar. It pairs the soothing effects of cannabis with a touch of caffeine, wrapped up in a rich, delicate flavor. According to one rater, the high “has a bit of a euphoric feel as the effects settle in.” These chocolates are a good after-dinner treat that won’t have you glued to the couch. 

Kind of like a bottle of rosé, these pastilles are as fun to consume as they are to look at. Unlike a bottle of rosé, you won't be left with a nasty headache if you munch on these in the sun all day. In fact, I'd highly recommend pairing them with barbecues, picnics, festivals—any event that requires sustained social energy. As one rater wrote in her review, "Every time I consumed the candies, they routinely delivered on their promise of an uptick in focus and joy with the added benefits of increased sociability."

Sour Diesel is a classic sativa strain known for its energizing high, and Humboldt Farms’ version is no different. One PCC rater reported feeling “stoned to the face” and talkative after just a few hits, adding it felt like knocking back a double espresso. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, so take it slow with this flower to get the most out of it.

Kiva is at it again. Their Moroccan Mint Petra Mints are popular thanks to an icy-fresh burst of flavor that makes them hard to resist. One 2.5mg THC mint delivers a barely-there yet uplifting high that pairs well with making music or getting household projects done. And if your high creeps into the evening, these little guys play nicely with a drink or two. These mints certainly have a social, creative edge to them, but keep your eye drops handy if you plan on eating more than one—dryness is the only thing keeping them from scoring a perfect 10. 

As the name would suggest, this flower packs all the sunshiny island vibes in just a few puffs. With a capable, happy head high and relaxed body vibe, Aster Farms' Maui OG left most raters feeling uplifted and motivated to get shit done. As one rater described, "I feel really good, alert, and capable while pleasantly stoned." For most, this flower is a little too fun to smoke before work, but it can make an active weekend all the more vibrant. 

The chewy chocolate flavor can be perplexing for some, but these sativa taffies got a high score for their plush onset and ability to invigorate sluggish mornings. One chew might not get you stoned, but it can provide a sweet mood boost perfect for cardio-heavy workouts. One rater said she “really enjoyed this high, got a ton of stuff done, and did not get anxious.” These taffies are also good at taking the edge off your aches, which can help you through the more physical parts of productivity. 

Photos by Morgan English.

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