A Cannabis Enthusiast’s Guide To Hiking In Los Angeles
Guide by John Costa
Jul 17, 2019 · 5 min read

Because Runyon Canyon is better with weed in your fanny pack.

I've always enjoyed hiking but was never a “hiker” until I brought my PAX Era with me on the trail. Something about the elevation of both my body and mind made me feel more connected with nature than I’d ever felt before. Thanks to a little inspiration from the Proper Cannabis Committee and my now-sun-kissed legs, you too can find the perfect high-hike combo. A word of warning before you start: know where you’re going, especially if you're planning a solo excursion. I mean, would it kill you to tell your mother where you’re going and when you expect to be back? And this should go without saying in the paved-over desert that is Los Angeles, but bring more water than you think you'll need. You'll thank me, I just know it. 

Credit: Jeff Gunn

Hike: Runyon Canyon

Smoke: Lowell Herb Co.'s Lucid Sativa Pack

Either you’ve hiked it a dozen times, or you’ve heard people yawn about how it’s the most vanilla hike in Los Angeles. But there’s no hike in LA quite like it. Killer views, easy to get to, and dogs. Dogs everywhere. And for the record, there are actually three hikes that vary in terms of intensity. The middle, paved path is the easiest and most popular. The path to your far right has some stairs to climb and the winding, easy-to-miss trail that juts off to the left of the easiest path is a thigh-buster of epic proportions. I grabbed Lowell Herb Co.'s Lucid Sativa Pack for this hike because it ramped up my motivation and left me with an appetite that could take down the whole Pinches Tacos' menu. 

Hike: Corral Canyon Loop Trail

Vape: Jetty Extracts' Maui Wowie Gold 

Where would I be without the calm energy of Jetty’s Maui Wowie Gold disposable vape pen? Probably having a panic attack on top of a hill, sitting in dried grass overlooking the ocean and thinking about all of the life choices that got me there in the first place. Seriously, I got lost on this trail once and had to call my mom (which I should have done before I left, but I digress). This short hike that overlooks Malibu’s amazing coast shouldn’t be too difficult—unless you take the trail backwards like I did. Don’t be dissuaded by the not-so-great views at the beginning of the hike. The back half is all mountains and ocean. Plus, you can hit the beach or grab some super fresh seafood when you’re finished. 

Hike: Trebek Open Space

Eat: Valhalla Confections' Sativa Tangerine Gummies

You read that right. This one's named after the one, the only Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek who donated the 74 acres of land in 1998. This is the Runyon Canyon alternative for those who just want some alone time, goddammit. It has similar views, similar difficulty, but way fewer people. Parking is kind of tough, so grab a Lyft, pop an edible like Valhalla Confections' Sativa Tangerine Gummies, and be on your way. These gummies are surprisingly refreshing and kept me going even when the sun was telling my Irish skin I should probably be seeking shelter. 

Credit: Jason Hickey

Hike: The Bridge to Nowhere

Vape: Roam's NYC Hustle

I’ve never felt more removed from Los Angeles than on this hike. And if you live in LA, you know that’s a good thing. Bring a buddy because this long hike can be kind of tough and a little extra encouragement is always welcome. At the end, you’ll be rewarded with crossing the Bridge to Nowhere, an arch bridge that could rival that bridge they always show on Big Little Lies. The river can get surprisingly fast, so while dipping your feet in to cool off should be safe, it’s probably best to leave your bathing suit at home. For this hike, I'd bring Roam’s NYC Hustle. Mostly for the ease of a one-and-done disposable, but also because every hit of the pen gave me a little burst of energy that carried me the next mile or so.

Hike: Franklin Canyon’s Upper Reservoir Loop

Vape: Island's Mango Haze PAX Era Pod

I found this trail by accident. Waze did its Waze thing and told me to avoid the 405 at all costs, navigating me past this wonderful little secret. This is the trail you take your non-hiking friends to if you’re all hungover but still want to go outside for some reason. In preparation for this chill trail, I grabbed my trusty Mango Haze PAX Era Pod by Island, mostly because I love it and it’s perfect for just about everything. I hung out with some ducks, I said “hi” to a man I didn’t know, and skinned my knee. But what’s the point of going outside if you don’t skin your knee every once in a while?

Credit: Jay Walsh

Meander: Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library

Eat: Plus' Uplift Gummies

This is less of a hike and more of a recommendation. I ate a couple Plus’ Uplift Gummies before getting a ride over there, which paired surprisingly well with the frozen grapes I brought as a snack. Walking through the Huntington Gardens felt like I was in my own personal fairy-tale. Luckily the Uplift Gummies didn’t make me feel like I was disturbing anyone with my presence. Quite frankly, I feel that way a lot of the time when I’m out and under the influence, but these gummies kept me relaxed and in the moment. Meandering around beautiful gardens with a light buzz is now one of my favorite things. 

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