Bloom Farms Vapes, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Aug 20, 2020 · 8 min read

Looking for a vape to help you escape? Scroll and savor as the PCC helps you find your high.

From their single-strain and live-resin highlighters to their regal rose-gold variant and PAX Pods, it’s hard to navigate Bloom Farms’ vape menu. Fear not, we ranked and reviewed everything we could get our hands on to help you find the product that best fits your lifestyle. And no matter what strain or setup that might be, you should also know that every purchase of their products means you're helping feed those in need with their 1-For-1 give back program that's already donated over two million meals. 

Each of their outstanding oils is carefully crafted to retain its original terpene profile and offer a unique experience pull after pull. So whether you're looking for the best Bloom Farms vape to take on your next vacation, or something to just help you get through the workday, we've got you covered.   

Quoted: “I’m eating lunch, watching TV and just savoring everything. I’m really loving this high and that I have the energy to see and feel everything that’s happening around me.”

Pros: As with every oil from Bloom Farms, this heady sativa contains its naturally-derived terpenes for a unique, citrusy-diesel flavor and a one-of-a-kind high. The single-origin flower provides uplifting, upbeat and focusing effects perfect for social situations, reading a book or diving into a project.

Cons: None to note, reach for this when you need a mood boost or workout partner.

Quoted: “I’m straight chillin’ tonight. This strain is perfect for winding down, and the taste is nice and sweet. I’m also loving the terpene balance.”

Pros: Purple Goo comes in both a 510 Highlighter Cart and PAX Era Pod, and each is packed with the same high-quality indica oil that's ready to put you down. After your first hit, a weighted sense of warmth will instantly settle in behind your eyes and leave you relaxed. Expect these soothing and sedating effects to have you couch locked and counting sheep in no time.

Cons: The taste leaves something to be desired, and the effects, while reliable, will certainly stop you in your tracks. Just be sure that’s what you’re looking for.

Quoted: "This delightfully driven high helped me through life’s endless spreadsheets, and it also gave me a bright burst of energy just in time for happy hour."

Pros: This is the type of uplifting sativa that'll bring you back to life after a long night out. Whether you need to rally for day two of a bachelorette weekend or go on a hike you regret agreeing to, this pen will leave you amiable, soothed and energetic. Pair it with your coffee to get going in the morning, or ride this high through the weekend.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "Oooh boy, what a high! This is stronger than usual, but it isn’t making me feel too "NyQuil knocked out" for an indica. My head high is clear and optimistic, and my body high is soothing.”

Pros: This single-strain cart provides smooth pulls, an earthy aroma and heavy effects ready to mellow you out. It’s better for erasing tension and anxiety than it is an instant sleep aid, but you’ll ride the relief you find all the way to bed nonetheless. Use this for mood-boosting mindfulness on a weekend without an agenda.

Cons: Some grogginess was noted by the PCC, so be sure you hit this when you can just zone out and take it all in.

Quoted: "This product did as it intended - knock me out. It was a good deep sleep, and I woke up feeling like a champ."

Pros: While you can hit this indica regularly throughout an evening or weekend, it's a blend that was created for crashing. Expect to be chilled out and euphoric for a short-lived high ready to put you down. The potent oil comes in a PAX Pod and Highlighter cartridge, so pick your poison and enjoy the ride to dreamland.

Cons: The taste isn’t bad, but it’s nearly nonexistent. This makes it discrete and palatable, but perhaps not memorable.

Quoted: "Such an easygoing high. Very mild, yet it hits you in all the right spots. Just took the dog out for a walk and I wanted to stop and curl up on the sidewalk and ask him to join.”

Pros: This 1:1 CBD to THC cart offers spacey effects and reliable relief and relaxation. Expect your senses to be heightened and a mood that helps you go with the flow. Go outside and get into nature, or dive into a good book—whatever you choose you’ll have a spring in your step and smile on your face until the high turns its head to make you sleepy on the comedown.

Cons: None to note, this is a great option for seasoned stoners and cannabis newbies alike.

Quoted: "Thank God for this pen because I was not in a good mood after work. Now I’m laughing at the most random things and I’m just generally pleasant. This is my new mood booster."

Pros: Girl Scout Cookies is a fan-favorite hybrid offering even-keeled and uplifting effects. This single-origin run offers you the full profile of this mood-boosting beauty. Expect a potent buzz to provide happy vibes as it chills you out. Go at this with confidence knowing it’ll never take you over the edge, and share with friends to make a social situation that much sweeter.

Cons: The munchies may find you, so be sure to arm yourself with snacks.

Quoted: "This is like a morning cup of coffee, except it’s stimulating my appetite. My mood is immediately elevated, and there’s a huge smile on my face. The day is looking a whole lot brighter."

Pros: The PCC members noted that the experience offered by the PAX Pod is much smoother and more enjoyable than the highlighter, but the oil found in both offers a happy high that’ll leave you light on your feet. Expect uplifting effects to help you kickstart your morning and jam through your day.

Cons: It’s hard to imagine how the method of intake could offer up such a difference in score, but again, go with the PAX Pod.

Quoted: "Every pull I take from this vape makes me more and more upbeat. I'm becoming focused on the task at hand and nothing is going to stop me from completing it."

Pros: With the same oil filling each option, it makes sense that their scores came in a mere two points apart. Expect earthy vapor to lead to balanced and uplifting effects perfect for kickstarting your day. The high is potent, straightforward and reliable. Grab this to get motivated and groove through your day.

Cons: None to note, just don’t go too hard without knowing your limits or you may meet short-lived racy effects.

Quoted: "Perfect for a Sunday evening. I’m watching TV and petting my dog. It’s a great feeling to be one with the couch."

Pros: This indica-leaning OG will calm you down and help you check out after a long day. Pair it with your favorite movie and meal on a weekend to end the night on a high note. Experience concentrated happiness and reliable relief from cramps and anxiety.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "My body feels incredibly soothed and relaxed, though my mind remains sharp and active. The high ramps up quickly, giving a warm, euphoric feeling and a perfect hit of energy.”

Pros: This single-origin sour diesel provides straightforward and uplifting effects perfect for creative endeavors and finding focus. Expect smooth pulls and a potent high to help you get shit done without leaving you spacey on the comedown.

Cons: If you go too hard you may find yourself dealing with minor anxiety, but it shouldn’t stick around long.

Quoted: "This smooth, berry-flavored indica is perfect to pack in your weekender for relaxing moments before bed. It tends to make you drowsy, so I'd recommend it after the day is done and you can rest your body and mind."

Pros: This is the perfect weekend vape that helps you groove through a few tasks before helping you unwind as a well-earned reward. Expect fruity flavor and silky vapor to provide reliable relaxation and relief, so find a hammock, embrace the breeze and go with the flow.

Cons: None to note, this is a great pod to keep around.

Quoted: "It's a nice background high. Easy to puff throughout the day for a mood boost without getting bogged down. I’m enjoying Sunday by the pool, and this strain is enhancing the vibe."

Pros: Just as the name suggests, this is a solid doseable vape you can reach for whenever you’d like. Expect approachable and balanced effects that can be taken into almost any activity. Be it in a PAX Pod or 510 cart, the mood-boosting oil will keep you humming through your day with a smile on your face.

Cons: Not a single one, pick this up for the perfect pick me up. 

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