Country Crafts Light Cannabis Products With Purpose
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 12, 2022 · 7 min read

Learn about Country’s fresh flower, low-dose pre-rolls and where to find them nearby.

Country’s mission seems simple enough—to educate the cannabis community through their products that low dose doesn’t mean low quality, and to do so in a way that’s affordable and accessible for consumers. But getting users to see beyond just THC has proven to be anything but easy.

Too many brands have been wondering how they can supercharge their weed without enough asking how their weed can supercharge you. Not Country. Their carefully crafted blends of compatible strains offer targeted effects that will enhance any user's day instead of just making them high as a kite.

Country's products are just as perfect for stoners who know what they’re looking for as they are the cannacurious.

Which is why their products are just as perfect for stoners who know exactly what they’re looking for as they are the budding cannacurious. They provide a clear head, calm high and more complementary experience than today’s average product, allowing them to be integrated into your morning, afternoon or evening without taking it over.

Creating such calculated cannabis products all comes back to the hard work put in by a team of talented individuals who have been close for years. And they know a thing or two about making weed accessible while crafting quality products with purpose. 

Cofounders Jamie Feaster, Ardian Zagari and Rama Mayo have all worked in cannabis in various impactful ways, helping create companies and collectives that have pushed the whole community forward. Jamie was a cofounder of the leading delivery platform Eaze, and Rama created and continues to help run the Green Street Agency and Hall of Flowers. And while it's needless to say they learned a lot along the way, they found that one issue kept coming up again and again as they engaged with the community and pored over data.

Jamie Feaster Credit: Country

They knew that smoking was the preferred intake method for most cannabis consumers, but they couldn’t reconcile the lack of lighter products to satisfy smokers seeking a more social and productive high. Which is why they focus on balancing their bud with intentional THC and CBD ratios instead of simply trying to pack in as much THC as possible. The result not only affects the effects, but the overall experience, as the curated selection of strains and terpenes allows for a more fresh and flavorful smoking session.

Their vacuum-sealed jars ensure your last joint will be as fresh as the first.

But their commitment to freshness far surpasses that, as they didn’t focus on cannabinoid ratios and terpenes and call it a day. They also ensure their flower is incredibly tasty and tempting by taking it from craft farm partners using sustainable farming techniques to dispensary in as little time as possible. And to take keeping their premium products fresh to yet another level, they also use a glass, vacuum-sealed jar for their pre-roll packs to ensure your last joint is as enjoyable as the first.

Many brands have big goals when they start without realizing achieving them is about doing the little things right every step of the way, something Country excels at time and time again through everything from their cannabis products and branding to the fact that they have merch that is actually dope as hell. 

This also shines through in their commitment to sustainability, as their flower bags are made from 80% post-consumer recycled material, and they have future plans to allow you to re-up on their pre-rolls and reload your jar with similar bags to cut back on waste—all while continuing to keep your products as fresh as the day you bought them. 

All of this adds up to the main reason we can’t get enough of Country—their carefully curated process doesn’t simply go from seed to sale, it goes from seed to complete satisfaction. So scroll down to learn a bit more about their products, select a few you'd like to try, and find them nearby.


Good Neighbor

Looking for a joint that will help you get shit done? Grab a Good Neighbor. This award-winning pre-roll was built to spark your productivity, be it of the physical or creative nature. A blend of the focusing Jack Herer and CBD-rich AC/DC strains, this anxiety buster will lift you out of the fog so you can effortlessly focus on what lies ahead.

Earthy, fruity and sour, expect a joint that will simply leave you feeling as fresh as it tastes, with the power to push through (almost) anything. So smoke this with confidence whenever you please, knowing that puffing on it won’t lead to any racey anxiety or having to sacrifice any of your plans.

Rater’s Quote - "This high is super chill and euphoric, but I’m still clear-headed. No paranoia or any unpleasant side effects, I’m just really enjoying the classic vibes as I continue through my workday."


Win The Day

Whether you want a new go-to for winding down or something to help you stay motivated through a jog, Win The Day rides the line between energy and euphoria for a blend that will always have your back. The Watermelon Rancher half of the high will keep you uplifted and productive if that’s what you seek, while the Pineapple Tonic is ready to put you on a more relaxed path if that’s more of the vibe.

Tasting as fresh as ever with hints of tropical fruit and muddled mint, the uplifting flavors will brighten your mood before the effects even set in. So pick up a solo joint to hit the pavement and set a new PR, or grab a pack and take it to your next hang to help friends and fam Win the Day.

Rater’s Quote - "I wasn't sure if I would feel much with a lighter blend, but the euphoria has definitely settled in, and I’m supremely relaxed and happy."



“A fiesta for the senses,” Bienvenida is a welcoming blend of the scintillating sativa Durban Poison and CBD-rich Tsunami strains. These two fan favorites have been popular in smoking circles for years in their own right, but by combining the two, Country has created what just might be the perfect pre-roll for helping you shine in social situations.

Expect to feel uplifted yet relaxed, stimulated yet serene, and ready to relish in a newfound perspective that will leave you ready for anything. As for the flavor? It’s as fresh as everything we’ve come to expect from Country, with notes of sweet strawberries and citrusy lemon. Looking to further build your case for buying Bienvenida? Read Luca’s review to learn why this is one jovial joint!

Rater’s Quote - "This high is perfectly manageable, and it brings about nothing but happy vibes. It would be a nice little pre-roll to bring along to any outdoor concert, party or get together.”



Mendocino Train

Crafted with care and coming in fresh from the family-owned Canyon Creek Farms, Mendocino Train is a 2:1 CBD to THC flower that will give you high hopes for your next grand adventure. Fruity, balanced and bursting with citrusy notes thanks to the terpene limonene, this cross between Mendo Fruit Punch and Cannatonic results in another low-dose product that will let you enjoy its effects from breakfast to bed.

And to help keep the natural world in which their flower should be enjoyed beautiful, Country has continued their commitment to sustainability by making each and every bag with 80% post-consumer recycled material.

Rater’s Quote: “Never has a high heightened my weekend hike in such a way. The effects were uplifting and left me engrossed in the beauty around me without ever bogging me down, allowing me to appreciate the little things and maintain my pace with ease.”


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