Deli Products, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Mar 04, 2021 · 7 min read

Caliva's Deli has noteworthy products at neighborhood-friendly prices.

Deli is a Caliva brand focused on creating affordable and accessible products for the masses. With soda shop aesthetics that make each product look straight out of an old-school corner store, their daily fresh cuts are as delightfully designed as they are delicious.

From their whole and pre-ground flower to their pre-rolls and gummy nickels, every product in their catalog is made to be approachable and enjoyed by consumers at every tolerance level. And best of all, these high-quality highs come at a surprisingly low price.


Quoted: "Though these don’t have the healthiest ingredients, the high is really chill and fun. I feel silly, giggly, euphoric and happy. These are a great mood booster for Sunday mornings and social gatherings."

Pros: Each of these plushy, poppable edibles has 5mg of THC, fruit-forward flavor and the type of happy euphoria you’ll want to share. The intake experience is as sweet as they come, and the approachable buzz will have you mellowed out and going with the flow. 

Cons: These little guys are straight up cannabis candy, which isn't a bad thing, just know that while the high is happy it ain't healthy.

Quoted: "Wow! These smell and taste incredible. A little more weedy than expected, but they’re delicious! The buzz was slow to come on, but it’s been solid and sustaining."

Pros: These gummy rounds offer relaxing effects that are perfect for evenings, weekends or cruising through an undemanding to-do list. Expect an even-keeled experience without any sudden peaks or heavy crashes, making them a good go-to for those just getting into the game.

Cons: None to note, just a solid, affordable and approachable microdose option.

Quoted: "Two of these are making my shopping trip take waaay longer than anticipated, but I don’t have shit to do till dinner, so fuck it. I’m super chill and happy as I roam the aisles."

Pros: These yummy little gummies earned their high score with full-berry flavor and fantastic effects. Expect the type of flexible high you can take into almost anything, be it an intense hike or aimless day spent hanging with friends. The balanced energy and euphoria will simply lift your spirits and leave you wanting more.

Cons: Not a damn one.


Quoted: "It’s 11pm and I’m working from my desk. I’m learning about electric cars and getting excited about the new tech. This strain is great for finding focus and studying."

Pros: This anxiety-busting, mid-tier flower will lift you out of the fog so you can focus on what’s in front of you. We recommend keeping a bag of these sun-grown buds handy for social gatherings, as they're perfect for getting everyone lifted on a light dose.

Cons: The nugs might be a little rough around the edges, but if you’re looking for some solid bud that doesn’t break the bank, you won’t be disappointed.

Quoted: "This is old-timer weed. Like standard, mid-shelf weed. It gets the job done and would be good for gatherings. Seasoned smokers might want something stronger, but beginners will love it."

Pros: Deli’s Roll Up products are outstanding laid-back options for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing or going solo, if you want to indulge in a quick sesh without coming out of it way too stoned, this buds for you. With a euphoric head high and light body buzz, you can hit this any time of day without fear of going too far.

Cons: As with all pre-ground weed, you sacrifice a little freshness for cost and convenience.

Quoted: "This is not a high to get anything done beyond sitting your ass on the couch. I feel heavy, like I’m not moving anytime soon. Just super soothed and really relaxed.”

Pros: Whenever you need to kick back and check out, this delightfully-delicious and affordable flower will set you on a path towards bud-filled bliss. Expect a well-rounded experience to leave you zoned out, moving slow and relaxed as hell. 

Cons: Don’t light this up if you’re looking for focusing effects.

Quoted: "This is a super terrific high hell bent on improving your mood. It really lifts you up quite a few notches. It’s my new sad-buster."

Pros: Fresh as hell, affordable and packed with fun-filled, focusing effects, this Jack checks all the boxes. With a clean burn, cleaner buzz and an enticing aroma, this flower has the type of even-keeled staying power that will keep you high for hours.

Cons: Move along, nothing to see here. 

Quoted: "Having a solo dance/work-out party in my garage. I’m hitting the heavy bag and listening to 80’s glam rock. This sativa hits hard for an uplifting and energizing high."

Pros: With uplifting effects that’ll beg you to hop on a to-do list or get out of the house, this versatile flower will make you a bud-fueled energizer bunny. Expect a sort of mood boost your worst day couldn't keep at bay to help you power through and enjoy whatever lies ahead.

Cons: Just like its pre-ground cousin above, you will always sacrifice a little freshness for convenience.

Quoted: "I'm on a late dog walk. This has been a premium cannabis session, one of the best I've rated and top shelf for sure. The aroma is inviting, the smoke smooth and I’m feeling great."

Pros: Maybe it’s just the strain, maybe it’s Caliva’s years of cultivation allowing them to master the game, but for a flower that’s so affordable to be this good is crazy. Expect the type of premium session that just might become your new daily obsession.

Cons: Not a single one—like a piece of cake itself, this strain will help you end any day the right way.


Quoted: "This joint is good for melting, or at least that’s what I did on this bench. There was a slow creep up from lightly stoned to now, where I feel like dripping butter."

Pros: If you’re looking for a potent and uplifting pre-roll, you found it. This joint provides a cerebral experience chock full of good vibes. It doesn't matter whether you’re alone or with a friend, the mood-boosting yet low-key nature of this high will help you take a minute & take it all in.

Cons: While the effects are excellent, some users reported they were short lived.

Quoted: "This has a quick onset and gives a decent buzz. The early effects feel like a beer or wine buzz, like I just had some rosé for breakfast."

Pros: This joint is a lighter version of its counterpart at #3. Expect a wonderful wind down that will lift a weight off your shoulders to leave you lounging and loving life. This is the solid post-work go-to you need to get out of your head and get to bed.

Cons: None to note, just don’t expect a particularly strong experience.

Quoted: "I ran some errands and felt focused while I made my way around from store to store. Not only did I get everything done, but I liked how this high kept me cruising through it all stress free."

Pros: This joint is a clear-headed sativa that offers immediate energetic effects. It pairs well with pretty much everything, be it grooving to music, meeting up with friends or focusing on a project. If you feel yourself stressing or fading early in the day, light this up for a reliable second wind.

Cons: None to note, just an approachable, affordable and happy head high. 

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