Fun Uncle Flower, Ranked
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Jan 22, 2021 · 5 min read

We recommend you indulge in these strains like they’re ice cream and mom isn’t looking.

Fun Uncle is a Caliva brand offering the type of products your elders can hardly remember, but will also never forget. Their flower is powerful yet approachable, with terpenes and effects designed to pay homage to your parent’s hippy heyday.

And while fun uncles are usually better at talking you into ditching than they are helping you stay dialed in, that's not the case here. These carefully curated strains ride the line between having fun and helping you stay on top of your responsibilities. So scroll through, pick your favorite and find it nearby—and when you reach the bottom of the bag, rate it yourself with our community reviews to help us put to rest which is best.

Quoted: "City life can leave you in a frenzy. This flower forces me to focus on the moment and ponder my health instead of deadlines."

Pros: This is one of those flowers that offers more than its score, and should remind everyone that a 66 is not a negative reflection in our system. Expect powerful, indica-leaning effects to leave you in a state of relaxed bliss. Light this one up before you lie down for the evening.

Cons: Keep your favorite snacks handy should the munchies get you, and with 28% THC and a heavy terpene profile, new users should start slow.

Quoted: "I opted for a joint, and it hit smooth with clean white ash. The high is nice and mellow, and the effects can go either way. The mood boost is just as great for relaxing as it is getting shit done."

Pros: These buds have everything that would make an old stoner’s eyes light up. Orange hairs? Check. Purple undertones? Check. Trichomes so white and pure they might wonder if they’re recalling memories of the 80s instead of the 70s? Check. Grab an 1/8th and follow this fantastic flower on the road towards relaxation.

Cons: None to note, yet another indica-leaning offering that can do it all.

6. GG4

Quoted: "This strain helped calm me down and soothe some of the body aches I was having, but I’m also majorly productive and really enjoying my evening."

Pros: If you’re noticing a trend, you’re definitely onto something. It’s as if Fun Uncle has mastered the art of indicas that still allow you to get through your day with ease, and this GG is no different. It's your laid-back uncle who still makes six figures in flower form.

Cons: Hard to knock something that offers the best of both worlds.

Quoted: "This is a really introspective sativa. I'm overcome with good vibes. Currently organizing some files on the computer and everything is just going swimmingly. I'm super focused and excited for no good reason at all. A very wholesome experience."

Pros: If Jack Herer is involved, you know you’ve found a perfect workday companion. This sativa will settle you into a solid flow that will have you crossing items off of a to-do list with ease. Light it up and let the good times roll.

Cons: Slight jitters for some users, but nothing long lasting or overpowering.

Quoted: "I’ve been feeling very creative and happy all morning. It’s been easy to stay focused while reading my book and doing thought exercises, and I’m digging the light energetic body buzz and euphoric kick."

Pros: While these beautiful buds do provide an amount of uplifting, mood-boosting energy perfect for almost any task, they also help you maintain a balanced level of calm that will keep you grounded. Expect light and flavorful smoke and an experience you’ll want to reach for again and again.

Cons: Some users noted that it was hard to jump between tasks, so get set up and be ready to be honed in.

Quoted: "A well balanced high. Good for mild pain relief, light anxiety, and social activities. It’s potent but well within your control. A little goes a long way."

Pros: This sativa offers a social high that erases your cares and begs you to share. Expect to be cool as a cucumber and ready for whatever comes your way. Just like almost everything on this list, the effects are balanced and leave you buoyant and seeing beauty in everything around you.

Cons: None to note, be it pain management or palling around town, this buds for you.

Quoted: "I just went to the store and it felt like an amazing adventure. Not like I was intoxicated—more like I was living a dream."

Pros: This heavenly hybrid offers even-keeled effects not unlike the rest of the buds on this list, but it also comes with a side of arousal that you’d be wise to capitalize on before calling it a day. Keep this handy for date night, as your heightened senses will make every last thing that much better.

Cons: Some users noted light dry eyes, but it wasn’t anything that would keep them from coming back for more.

Quoted: "The initial blast of creativity hit quickly and helped me with an idea deck I’m putting together, but I’m quickly easing into the sleepy side of this devil.”

Pros: This cultivar will have you smiling from ear to ear, and that’s just the beginning. The high is more layered than an everlasting gobstopper, and you can expect it to run the gamut from giddy excitement to waves of euphoric relaxation. Fire this up on a Friday evening for an experience you won't soon forget.

Cons: While your own fun uncle might be flawed, this one sure ain’t. 

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