Hightinerary: Joshua Tree
Guide by Kate Ryan
Feb 13, 2020 · 4 min read

We've got the ideal desert weekend mapped out with all the right vapes, joints, and edibles you can pick up on the way there.

What’s better than a weekend trip to Joshua Tree? A weekend trip to Joshua Tree that includes lots of cannabis. Drinking might be the traditional route for such a weekend getaway, and while that’s all well and good, I personally prefer to be stoned and hydrated in the baking desert sun. Having tested this theory many times myself, I figured I should share my insights. Here’s your proper hightinerary for a cannabis-infused weekend in Joshua Tree featuring products you can find easily on your way out of Los Angeles.

Picnic Lunch with Cann Cannabis Drinks

Get to town early and grab a sandwich at Natural Sisters while you wait to check into your Airbnb. Pair your lunch with any flavor of Cann (they’ve got Grapefruit Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, and Blood Orange Cardamom), and you’ll be starting your trip with a light wave of relaxation. At 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per Cann, they provide the barely-there kind of high that can set your whole day off on the right track. As PCC rater Luca Belloiu put it in his review of the Grapefruit Rosemary Cann, “The taste is simply peerless and its modest and classy packaging puts you into a creative and fun mindset from the start.” And because it’s a beverage, the high will kick in and taper off faster than your average edible, meaning you can charge into the day without fear of getting bogged down.

Poolside with Plus Gummies

Location: Any cool body of water
Effects: uplifting, relaxed, buzzed

Once you get settled in, take that wave of relaxation a little (or a lot) further with a Plus Sour Watermelon Uplift gummy or two. While they're marketed as a sativa gummy, we've found that they provide a more balanced than energizing high, making them perfect for sipping rosé from the comfort of a pool floaty. As PCC rater Norma Kwee experienced for herself, these gummies are perfect poolside companions. She wrote in her review, “Two gummies in and I was in full vacation mode.” At 5mg of THC per petite gummy, they're a light and easy way to keep your party vibes coasting all day.

Sunset Hangs with Space Coyote

Location: A comfy chair facing the sunset
Effects: happy, bubbly, buzzed

Space Coyote’s joints are known for being ultra-potent and ultra-fun to consume. What could pair better with an afternoon wind-down? Their Sativa Hash Joint specifically packs a strong yet balanced head and body high that layers on the euphoria with each puff you take. With 25% THC and a combination of hash and one full gram of flower, these joints are not for the faint of heart. They are, however, perfect for a late-afternoon nap.

Stargazing with Moon Edibles

Location: any spot under the stars
Effects: sleepy, pain-free, high as balls

For a sleepy, stoney high perfect for deep thoughts about the universe, look no further than Moon Edibles’ Cosmic Cappuccino chocolate bar. With notes of vanilla and coffee in each bite, it’s the perfect post-dinner treat to have you blissfully cruising into the night. Each bar contains 10 clearly-marked servings of 10mg THC each for a total of 100mg THC per bar. So whether you’re an experienced stoner or hesitant newcomer, you should be able to find the right dose for you. Just make sure to write down whatever dreamy thoughts you have under the stars because you never know when genius might strike.

Pioneertown with Sonder

Location: Pappy & Harriet’s followed by a tour of Pioneertown
Effects: giggly, creative, outgoing

No visit to Joshua Tree is complete without a visit to Pappy & Harriet’s and the adjoining western-themed paradise that is Pioneertown. A desert staple known for serving up great burgers and live entertainment, Pappy & Harriet’s is the perfect pitstop on your way out of town. And when it comes to enhancing every last drop of your vacation, Sonder's Blue Dream cartridge has your back. As PCC rater Luca Belloiu wrote in his review, "This Blue Dream cartridge reminded me that getting high is a lifestyle in the sense it can help me simply opt out of aggravations and hang-ups." This cartridge is ideal for grabbing a bite with friends, and because the high is light and short-lived, it’ll be out of your system just in time to hit the road.

Photos by Emily Berkey

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