Island Products, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 13, 2020 · 5 min read

We ranked and reviewed Island's products to give you an idea of those best to be deserted with.

Quoted: "An earthy taste with a decent high. This flower lacked flavor, but my body was buzzed and I had a light head high."

Pros: A straightforward and clearly indica leaning high that will do the trick if all you want is to zone out and binge Netflix.

Cons: It’s lacking in flavor and provides a less than smooth smoking experience. 

Quoted: "Keeping me nice and social at work, but I never got a really strong effect from it. Still mildly buzzed, but on the comedown already."

Pros: A clear and uplifting sativa that provides reliable effects best for socializing or getting shit done.

Cons: Short-lived high, bitter flavor and a fairly unpleasant aftertaste. 

Quoted: "Wake ‘n’ bake hangover helper."

Pros: An award winning hybrid strain that’s great to kickstart your day. You can also expect uplifting waves of euphoria that will fuel you through any creative endeavor.

Cons: Go slow until you figure out your ideal dose—racy effects can lead to anxiety and paranoia. 

Quoted: "Feeling a bit tired all of a sudden...and craving a nap."

Pros: Extremely heavy indica effects for anyone looking to check out of reality. You may still find yourself uplifted and able to ride an initial creative wave, but be sure to write everything down.

Cons: Harsh smoke, dry eyes and a somewhat intoxicating high. 

Quoted: “My head high is gone, but I’m still feeling really relaxed. This strain is great for hanging out with friends or getting a little frisky at home. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait to smoke it again.”

Pros: Another stellar hybrid, and another 50/50 divide in the effects felt between indicas and sativas. It boasts 25.19% THC, fairly heavy effects and is a go-to for pain relief and relaxation. Stargaze and count constellations, and before you know it you’ll be counting sheep.

Cons: Slight dry mouth, but the high THC and strength of effects might also make this an out of reach option for new consumers.

Quoted: "Walking with an old friend and I feel talkative and upbeat.The high came on quick, and I kept forgetting to make this note...focus is a little tricky."

Pros: A mood boosting hybrid that rides the center line of heavy and light, heady and sedating. This is a great social bud that will make you feel more connected with whatever you choose to do.

Cons: Some reported being spaced out and having issues concentrating, so maybe not the best option for getting important stuff done. 

Quoted: "Effectively getting some housework done, but feeling snoozy so we’ll see how long I last."

Pros: Great for shedding bad vibes and anxiety and settling into a chilled-out, zen-like state. You can still knock items off a to-do list with a smile, but your pace will lean more tortoise than hare.

Cons: Keep your favorite beverage handy as minor dry mouth might creep up on you. 

Quoted: “Working and feeling very dialed in on tasks that previously sounded really annoying. I’m not usually a sativa fan, but I’m kind of loving this focus."

Pros: This is one of those zippy, citrus-heavy highs with clear and focused effects, making it perfect to kickstart your day and dig into some work.

Cons: You may find yourself in a repeating loop of craving munchies and forgetting where you left them. 

Quoted: “Went out and had a great lunch with my bf, laughing out loud the whole time and feeling amazing. This is a great social weed without a trace of anxiety or paranoia. I’m in love with it.”

Pros: These buds provide an incredible tangerine flavor and a solid, heavy-handed high that’s perfect for your post-workout. Expect good vibes to take over, and ride the happy waves through the rest of your day.

Cons: Taking too much to the face will unleash a sedative side. 

Quoted: "I’m super duper high in a couch-locked kind of way and I’m on my way to dinner. I feel good though, floaty, relaxed, really want to be chillin' on the couch eating pizza."

Pros: Strong berry and citrus aromas lead to an even stronger and sleepy high that’s perfect for ending the day.

Cons: Sedating, which isn’t a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for, but something to keep in mind. 

Quoted:"You barely need to take a hit. The vapor comes quick—and it's intense, but it tastes great. I'm already high and I could work on feels dynamic. "

Pros: Great fruity flavor and a happy, focused and flexible high. Hit this confidently throughout the day for a better outlook, and a more productive state.

Cons: Heavy pulls and thick clouds, so think sip instead of chug to avoid a pretty hearty coughing session. 

Quoted: "I’m feeling an immediate mood boost. Not super creatively inspired, but creatively appreciative. Great for consuming content or building a mood board. The body high is light, but my senses are tingly. "

Pros: Concealable and perfect for a quick and discreet smoke sesh. Effects and flavor are top notch, and you’ll be in a happy zen state in no time.

Cons: Might make you somewhat spacey, so knock out your most important tasks of the day before indulging. 

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