Jungle Boys Flower, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jun 30, 2020 · 5 min read

Go pheno hunting with Jungle Boys. We ranked these heavenly hybrids that range from heady to heavy for a foolproof way to find your high.

There's only one way to get the best strains from Jungle Boys, and that's at their SoCal dispensaries. If you're in Orange County or LA, then you're in luck. Check out their site for a full menu of what's available today.  

Quoted: "Feeling chill. If I’m having a lazy Sunday this would be a good wake 'n' bake. It’s certainly not a kick start, just an easy high to kick back with."

Pros: This is a straightforward high reminiscent of how movies portray getting stoned. Good for a weekend social smoke and chill out session. Expect to have giggle fits on the couch with your buds.

Cons: This high makes some scatterbrained, so be sure to have a clear day or night ahead of you. 

Quoted: "The bag appeal and nose on this flower are solid. The head high is calming but not disorienting - I can definitely still go about my day."

Pros: This approachable sativa-hybrid is great with daytime tasks that don’t require you to be firing on all cylinders. You can expect to be gently uplifted to a pleasant peak that doesn’t crash when you come back down.

Cons: Nothing negative, but nothing special. If you want a mimosa, reach for their #26 below. 

Quoted: "My buzz has peaked. It's very very good, similar to the other sativa-hybrids or hybrids that I've used lately, but less tiring and lethargic and more energetic and head buzzy."

Pros: Trichome heavy buds and a citrus and herby aroma will excite you the second you open the bag. This strain provides average effects perfect for knocking out chores or getting into nature on a day off. The high comes and goes without much to note, and sometimes that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

Cons: While the aroma is enticing, the flavor could pack a bit more punch. 

Quoted: “This strain feels like some of the initial times I ever got high. Obviously this is great and something people look for in a strain, but I have no idea how much work I'll be able to get done. As of now my current plan is to blow off work and play video games."

Pros: Uplifting effects make this a social high that puts a lasting smile on your face. It’s also a great option for an evening of self-care and your favorite movie. The heavy-handed effects also make this a good option for replacing alcohol.

Cons: The smoke could be a bit smoother, and some users reported intoxicating effects, which might make this one to avoid at certain points of your day. 

Quoted: "Just a super chill and relaxing high. But not so relaxed where I’m melted into my couch or whatnot. Getting to work will be A-Okay. My slight hangover is gone, which is obviously wonderful."

Pros: This indica-heavy hybrid is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. It’s also a reliable hangover remedy if your day is already shot and you just want some relief. Expect that same relief to apply to any lingering muscle aches.

Cons: Nothing to note, though while this certainly won’t energize you, it at least doesn’t grind your day to a halt. 

Quoted: "Well my productivity has gone out the window, but I feel great. I have a nice buzz throughout my whole body and it gives you an overall feeling of happiness.”

Pros: White Durban is the perfect cooldown after a workout or a long day. Earthy undertones will relax you as a body buzz and pleasant thoughts take over, even in the most stressful of situations.

Cons: Be sure to only reach for this potent, indica-leaning hybrid when you’ve finished the day’s most important tasks—your lazy side is sure to show. 

Quoted: "Got creative adding stuff to some microwavable Kraft Mac & Cheese, pretty sure it’s actually terrible, but right now I’m into it."

Pros: This heavy hybrid is here to help you check out. A hefty body buzz and head high will ease your pain and allow you to forget anything that’s been bothering you. It won't fix your problems, but it’ll certainly help you not care about them for an evening.

Cons: Somewhat sedating, so don’t overload the agenda. On second thought, maybe don’t even make one at all.

3. Gelato

Quoted: "If you smoked this flower and didn't enjoy it, I would question your taste in virtually everything.”

Pros: Gelato provides one of those happy highs you can take wherever you want. Cuddle up with your partner and binge your favorite show, or lace up your hiking shoes and hit the trail. There’s no bad call here.

Cons: None, now get outta here and go give it a shot.

Quoted: "This flower has me flowing seamlessly between doing laundry, watching the clouds pass and playing with my cat. Life is beautiful."

Pros: This flower is just as solid for kick starting your day as it is relieving you at the end of it. Though if you do plan to ride the uplifting waves of productivity it provides, know that the energy leans more creative than analytical.

Cons: Going hard may provide intoxicating effects, but they’re more spacey than sedating. 

Quoted: “The high hits gently and gives an overall sense of relaxation. I just got back from vocal lessons and needed something to calm myself. This did the job—I’m not stoney baloney, more tranquil.”

Pros: This hybrid is a fan favorite with sweet and smooth smoke and approachable effects. Take a hit or two for a morning mood boost you can ride into the afternoon, or go hard on the weekends for waves of relaxation and introspection that finish with an end-your-day body buzz.

Cons: None to note, smoke this strain with confidence.

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