The Pairist’s Pre-Rolls Offer A Unique, Multi-Plant Experience
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Aug 17, 2022 · 5 min read

The Pairist crafts a more complete high by complementing cannabis strains with a botanical counterpart or concentrate.

Thanks to their tireless efforts to consistently put potency, sustainability and flavor first, The Pairist continues to roll out premium products we can’t stop puffing on. Each of their botanical and infused blends starts with Humboldt's finest cannabis, as the team sources specific strains of flower and pairs them with botanicals or concentrates from California’s finest extractors & hash makers.

This carefully curated process is all thanks to the experience and efforts of The Pairist’s founder, Ardalan Sedghi. He has been professionally honing his skills in the industry since 2017, but his belief in (and use of) the cannabis plant dates back much further. And while it was an opportunity to help start a small farm that opened the door, it was his background in branding and design that paved the way for The Pairist to shine.

The Pairist continues to roll out premium products we can’t stop puffing on.

Ardalan’s past work with small businesses and nonprofits allowed him to navigate the rough waters of cannabis’s fragmented, fledgling industry with a bit more grace. And working with a farm that was doing things the right way inspired him early, while also helping cement the core values that make the pre-rolls and flower from Pairist so primo.

Beliefs and methodologies like using only the best sungrown flower from small farms focused on regenerative practices helps ensure that consumers notice the difference in everything they do—both from a sustainability standpoint, but also in the quality of the products themselves.

And speaking of, the first products The Pairist put out offer a uniquely enhanced, multi-plant experience. Their flagship line of botanical pre-rolls are crafted with select cannabis strains based on terpene profiles, and then they’re paired with botanicals that match and enhance the flavor and effects profiles of each strain.

Combinations like Skywalker OG & Lavender work harmoniously thanks to the shared terpene linalool, which promotes a state of serene and sedating relaxation that will help you chill out, and ultimately, check out.

What results is a top-shelf experience, and next-level entourage effect.

This sets The Pairist apart from the many brands that spray botanically derived terpenes onto their products instead of taking the extra step to source whole plants. What results is a top-shelf experience, and next-level entourage effect.

It’s such standards and their focus on using flower only from legacy growers in The Emerald Triangle that will help keep The Pairist’s pre-rolls atop the podium for years to come. They know that these growers have been the backbone of the California cannabis community for decades, and no one does it better. And with more and more brands switching to newer, mixed-light models, it’s always refreshing to see those sticking to sunshine and more sustainable methods find success.

So scroll down and check out their products, pick one up, and you’ll quickly see how they help fuel the conversation of terpenes being just as, if not more important than THC—as a full-spectrum, whole plant experience like theirs only leads to a more satisfying, holistic high.


Premium Botanical Pre-Rolls

The Pairist’s near-perfect botanical pre-roll blends are the result of a careful selection process that matches enhancing herbs with standout strains based on compatible terpene profiles. This gives each blend a unique flavor and effects profile for an equally unique and unforgettable experience.

By focusing on botanicals like damiana, white sage and rose petal and terpenes like caryophyllene, menthol and humulene, The Pairist has produced pre-rolls that will surprise and satisfy any user puff after puff. So check out each of their fan-favorite formulas, and see how they can do everything from brighten your day to get you ready for bed.

Rater’s Quote - "Okay, I love this weed. It smoked beautifully before my body went into autopilot, and the next thing I knew I was eating a bunch of cantaloupe and saying aloud, “Starburst could never!”"


Premium Infused Pre-Rolls

The Pairist’s Premium Infused Pre-Rolls start with specific strains of Humboldt's finest cannabis, which are then paired with their concentrate counterpart from California’s finest extractors and hash makers. What results are top-shelf, high-potency, full-flower infused pre-rolls that pack a punch any stoner will appreciate.

They use everything from Rosin and Diamonds to Crumble and Hash to offer the full spectrum of what cannabis concentrates can offer, allowing you to experiment or switch up your rotation with ease. So check in often to find your favorite new combination, as their catalog changes regularly.

Rater’s Quote - "This creamy, flavorful joint smoked as smooth as can be, and the fresh, pleasant aroma instantly filled the room before I even lit it up. My mind feels uplifted while my body is relaxed, making it perfect for finishing up some work before winding down."



Humboldt-Grown Premium Flower

The Pairist has partnered with craft cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle to produce quality flower with a focus on potency, terpene profiles, and sustainable cultivation methods. They believe that full-spectrum California sunshine leads to a full-spectrum experience, and it is reflected in their fresh flower through and through.

And whether it's infused with diamonds, hash or kief or left the way mother nature intended, you can expect all of their flower to be as fresh and flavorful as what we expect from Humboldt’s Emerald Triangle, and strains that stay true to their name for consistent effects & elevated highs.

Rater’s Quote - "Doing work on a Sunday, and I wanted something to lighten the mood a little. After a sesh, I'm happily bopping away to music and click-clacking on my laptop. Really positive energy from these beautiful buds."


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