Watermelon Gummies, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Aug 05, 2020 · 5 min read

Our PCC members ranked and reviewed the best watermelon gummies to help you satiate your sweet tooth and beat the summer heat.

These full-flavored favorites help you keep your vacation vibes going year round. If there’s a more mouth-watering and obsessed-over flavor on a hot day—let these brands know because they’ll probably make a gummy out of it. But for now, get your fix from some of the highest reviewed edibles we have, and be sure to rate them yourself after you give ‘em a shot to help us put to rest which is best.

Quoted: "About to do some Buti Yoga. These are some of my favorite cannabis gummies out there."

Pros: This is the first of three Smokiez watermelon gummies you’ll see on this list, and while these are great, they only get better. Expect an initial burst of flavor and an uplifting high perfect for working out or knocking out some housework. Each piece has 5mg of THC and balanced effects, making them a great option for the cannabis newbie.

Cons: The aftertaste could be better, and while the effects are energetic, they may make you a little scatterbrained. Save these for the weekend.

Quoted: "This gummy really turned me around mood-wise. The head high is Marie Kondo-ing all of the ugly detritus from my consciousness. The body high is an effervescent massage."

Pros: These gummies from Valhalla will knock you out faster than a Viking on a warpath. Most watermelon gummies offer energy, but these have almost 10mg of THC and sedating effects that’ll have you couch locked, binge watching and taking a nap in no time. Expect to feel happy as hell and truly stoned.

Cons: None to note, just know that these aren’t the gummies to take if you have something to do.

Quoted: "I’m feeling relaxed, but not sleepy. I’m getting sucked into whatever’s put in front of me. Whether it's my phone, tv, or a commercial, it makes me forget whatever I was doing before.”

Pros: These vegan fruit chews are beloved by the PCC for their spectacular taste and texture, and their ability to help you go with the flow. Expect a noticeable mood boost and calming effects perfect for gliding through your weekend. They’re also the ideal companion to keep you buoyant on any vacation, be it in Bali or at the in-laws.

Cons: The munchies will come for you, so be prepared.

Quoted: "Move over Jolly Ranchers. These are delicious, don't at all taste like weed and have a fast onset. I was feeling down in the dumps, but these watermelon gummies have raised my spirits. Everything seems more vibrant."

Pros: Is there a category Sherbinskis doesn’t dominate? These full-flavored gummies offer truly balanced effects that’ll leave you warm, happy and uplifted. Being only 5mg apiece makes them an excellent doseable option, which is great because they’re so damn good you’ll be reaching for another in no time. Pair these with park walks and pool parties.

Cons: They do have some sedating effects on the comedown, so plan accordingly.

Quoted: "I'm about to devour a sandwich and beer at the park during this heatwave, and I couldn’t be happier with the 10mgs I popped twenty minutes ago. These are light and fresh tasting, I feel happy and excited and I’m not at all dreading the heat.”

Pros: Plus’ size and low potency make them the ideal doseable brand, and this uplifting option is no different. Each tasty, tiny cube has 5mg of THC that’s as intoxicatingly upbeat as it is soothing. Reach for these in the morning to jam through some emails with ease, or use them after a long day for a reliable mood boost that's sure turn your evening around.

Cons: None to note. Get lifted and get busy.

Quoted: "Oh man, I've been high for a while now. These are REALLY good for just kinda feeling great. Also makes anything physical absolutely amazing. Feeling relatively impervious to stress right now, too."

Pros: These handcrafted gummies provide an even-keeled buzz and instant mood boost that won't leave you groggy on the comedown. Use these to make pretty much anything better, be it eating a killer meal or getting intimate with your partner, everything's on the table. Even on your worst days, these will put a smile on your face.

Cons: None, but they're somewhat heavy and have 10mg of THC, so those new to edibles should split these in half.

Quoted: "It's a nice clear buzz to get shit done."

Pros: With a near perfect score in our system, you know you’re getting a winner. Expect to feel uplifted by the clean effects and an unparalleled juicy flavor. Stock up and keep these handy as they pair with any task at any time of day.

Cons: You can’t eat 50 and still be a functioning human, and trust us, they taste so good you’ll want to. 

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