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Introducing Flow Kana's Farmer's Reserve

Flow Kana’s new craft cannabis rivals indoor quality without sacrificing its sustainably sungrown status.

Flow Kana's collective of cultivators has been bringing us beautiful bud for years, but these new select strains from master growers are a cut above. Just as some bottles of wine are meant to be sought out and celebrated, so too are these new strains from the Farmer's Reserve.

This first class, artisanal flower is crafted by legacy farmers from the Emerald Triangle that live to give the cannabis community the best of the best. Boasting robust terpene profiles, high THC percentages and a variety of other cannabinoids to enlist the entourage effect, each of these heavy hitters offers unique effects and a stellar experience.

You’ll immediately notice the attention to detail in every nug the second you pop the jar, as strains like Larry Cake, Vital GrapesBanana Cake and Grease Bucket surround you with an intoxicating aroma, and have you falling in love from your first hit. We highly recommend you stock up on these affordably priced, top-shelf strains before they sell out. 

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