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Introducing Paragon, A Timeless High You Have To Try

LitHouse’s newly pheno-hunted flower is sure to become an instant fan favorite.

LitHouse has been raising the bar and blessing us with beautiful buds for years now. Be it their indoor strains like Dark Dosi, Lemon Lava and 5 Alive, or their recent field trip taking their phenos outside for their Sungrown line—they’re constantly pushing their plants and providing us with premium product. All of this hard work has led to their newest cannabis creation, Paragon.

Sparkling like the windows at Tiffany's, this elusive & exclusive strain elevates the entire game. From your very first hit, you can expect a smooth experience and sustained high that’ll make you remember why you fell in love with weed in the first place. It’s a modern marijuana marvel with a nod to classic cannabis, a true feast for the eyes, and it’s officially available at a dispensary nearby. 

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