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Kiva Edibles, Ranked

From pretty good to true perfection, we ranked and reviewed Kiva's gummies, chocolates, and mints so you know what's up.

It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for Kiva. The Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has rated and reviewed their edibles and found them to be among the best of the best, largely due to unparalleled consistency, delectable flavors, and nuanced highs. But it wasn’t always this way. When the brand got its start in 2010, California’s edible market was oversaturated with charred plant matter brownies and store-bought gummies sprayed with weed oil. Almost a decade later, Kiva is still raising the bar simply because they’re making chocolates, gummies, and mints that taste superb with highs that feel just as good. And because the potency of their edibles typically ranges from 2.5 to 5mg of THC per piece, getting the microdose or precise dose you need is a breeze.

If you’re new to the brand or aren’t sure what to try next, it’s your lucky day. Using PCC ratings and reviews, we ranked all the Kiva edibles we’ve scored so far so you can make executive-level decision-making in no time at all.

19. Terra Sea Salt Caramel Bites

Quote: “Like the first beer after a workday, the buzz starts behind my eyes in the front of my head and an excitement for I don’t know what washes over me. Good stuff for someone new or nervous for sure.”

Pros: The high comes in calm waves that are ideal for a solid Netflix binge.

Cons: The sluggish body buzz can be too sedative to be enjoyable while taking hours to kick in, making it easy to overdo.

18. Terra Peppermint Pattie Bites

Quoted: “This edible is basically a Thin Mint in a ball. It's delicious and 5mg is all I need to hang out with a bunch of kids and not be a zombie.”

Pros: This high is balanced, happy, and can provide just the right buzz for a social situation. The excellent flavor profile doesn’t hurt either.

Cons: The comedown can be drowsy and daily cannabis users will probably find the high to be too subtle.

17. Terra Milk Chocolate Blueberries

Quoted: “Feeling extremely relaxed and extremely sleepy. The head high increased and then dropped away and left me with a wonderful, relaxed body high that has me ready to melt into my bed.”

Pros: This balanced and relaxing high can fade gently into bedtime, helping you relax into sleep without knocking you flat out.

Cons: This high can take a while to kick in so patience is necessary.

16. Milk Chocolate Kiva Bar

Quoted: “Went for a long walk and the fresh air felt extra nice in my lungs. My senses are awakened and creativity is flowing.”

Pros: This is a sweet chocolate edible with an herbal aftertaste and a happy head high perfect for a laid-back afternoon.

Cons: Spaciness is a common side effect, so plan accordingly.

15. Petra Eucalyptus Mints

Quoted: “This doesn’t feel like a normal edible. I feel so light. I’m almost wondering if I’m just making it up.”

Pros: Each additional dose feels like you’re cranking up the happy meter, and they taste wonderful.

Cons: It can take a few tries to find your perfect dose, and daily cannabis users likely won’t feel anything with just one mint.

14. Petra Moroccan Mints

Quoted: “Having a good time a few drinks in. The mints are mixing well with the alcohol. I’m feeling a steady uplifting head high but I’m not feeling overwhelmed or socially awkward in any way.”

Pros: The refreshing flavor perfectly complements the happy-hour-worthy buzz.

Cons: The munchies might descend after a couple mints, so make sure you have snacks nearby.

13. Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies

Quoted: “I feel super chill and my body is much more relaxed than it was an hour ago. I’m enjoying hanging out and don’t feel any lagginess or fogginess at all.”

Pros: Thanks to the 1:3 THC:CBD ratio of these gummies, you can expect an electric buzz that leaves you floating. The flavor is delightfully nuanced as well.

Cons: The high can veer toward spaciness after a couple gummies.

12. Camino Wild Berry Gummies

Quoted: “These taste amazing and the high is great in small doses. This is such a pleasant high. I’d equate it to something like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold morning.”

Pros: This calm and clearing high will beckon you to the sofa and likely put you to sleep once you’re there.

Cons: Because the high is mostly in the body, those looking for a noticeable head high will likely be underwhelmed.

11. Petra Tart Cherry Mints

Quoted: “Feeling calm and happy without any anxiety or stress. These are PERFECT for someone just getting into edibles or marijuana for the first time.”

Pros: This motivational microdose has a sweet and sour flavor sensation, and it can take the edge off a gnarly hangover.

Cons: A single dose is too mild for daily cannabis users, who should try experimenting to find the right dose.

10. Blackberry Kiva Bar

Quoted: “I love this chocolate bar. The taste is light and flavorful, and there is no lingering taste or even a hint of earthiness that plagues lots of chocolate edibles. I feel happy and calm with no major body effect weighing me down.”

Pros: This is a classic, giggly, mood-boosting high that will make you want to open the windows and turn the radio up.

Cons: This high calls for relaxation, so if you have a long to-do list, the lack of motivation could lead to anxiety.

9. Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar

Quoted: “I’m feeling a growing warmth all over my mind and my head high is fully stoned.”

Pros: This chocolate bar has a great texture, and classic, stoney high typically results in a powerful brainstorming sesh.

Cons: The flavor complexity only suits fans of deep and intense sweets—as in barely sweet and a little bitter.

8. Ginger Kiva Bar

Quoted: “Feeling relaxed and anxiety-free. Not sure if the ginger adds some placebo effect but I’m feeling groovy.”

Pros: This bar also comes with a great brainstorming high and interesting flavor not found in many traditional edibles.

Cons: The comedown can be a bit sleepy so make sure you have a soft spot to land.

7. Petra Citrus CBD Mints

Quoted: “After a full day of moving furniture from one house to another, hauling old furniture to the dumps and unpacking, these CBD edibles have got my muscles relaxed and ready for bed.”

Pros: These make for an ideal, buildable background buzz that can help ease aches and pains or stave off anxiety.

Cons: Those who expect to get stoned from CBD will be disappointed.

6. Camino Blenheim Apricot Gummies

Quoted: “My busy Monday doesn’t seem intimidating now that I’ve had one of these. I wanted to take it super easy emotionally today and I’m still present and motivated. These also taste amazing and are juicy and the perfect consistency.”

Pros: These gummies make for a balanced and buzzy high that leaves a smile on your face.

Cons: They’re so delicious you’ll want to eat the whole bag.

5. Camino Pineapple Habanero Gummies

Quoted: “I was crafting, then I got high, and then I went and had amazing sex. Feeling dialed in and very giggly.”

Pros: Similarly to the apricot variety, these leave behind a balanced and buzzy high but with an added tinge of energy.

Cons: The spicy flavor is not for everybody (read: babies).

4. Petra Pineapple Mints

Quoted: “They taste like candy and make you feel the way candy tastes—friggin awesome. If you’re looking to get smacked in the face with a high these are not going to be for you. If you’re looking to be a more functional and happier version of yourself these are the products for you.”

Pros: These soothing, mellow, and microdosable treats will leave you floating throughout your day.

Cons: Pineapple haters will be turned off.

3. Petra Saigon Cinnamon Mints

Quoted: “These little mints are amazing. I love the very (VERY) slight spiciness to the cinnamon, and you can’t taste any hint of pot whatsoever. I was able to focus my dosage and make sure I’m in control of my high which is such a nice privilege. I have tried a few of the flavors of these candies and I gotta say these ones taste the best.”

Pros: These microdosable mints are perfect date companions since they tend to wipe away the stresses of the day and put you in a more present place.

Cons: If cinnamon isn’t your thing, still try these anyway because they’re that good.

2. Mint Irish Cream Kiva Bar

Quoted: “Having a really lovely evening staying in and feeling relaxed. Everything I’m eating tastes extra good and everything I’m watching is extra funny.”

Pros: For those looking for a classic, stoney high without the overwhelming sluggishness, this is the chocolate bar for you.

Cons: If you’re not a sweet-tooth, how are you even this far down this list??

1. Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Quoted: “These are perfect in the morning. I am obsessed with how delicious they are, and I feel totally blissed out, alert, and focused. Everything is clear and I feel so motivated to get everything on my to-do list finished today.”

Pros: Incredible flavor, energizing effects, and a clean, easy comedown make for a one-of-a-kind high that can take you from morning to night.

Cons: None. These beans are true perfection. 

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