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LitHouse And Rose Caught Lightning In An Edible

The power of cannabis and the purity of seasonal & sustainable ingredients make this a collaboration worth celebrating.

Sometimes two brands come together for a cannabis collaboration that’s almost too good to be true. LitHouse combining some of our favorite flower with the sustainable, local and unique ingredients of Rose’s rosin-infused edibles is one such occasion.

By incorporating the expertly crafted Red Dragon strain with seasonal ingredients and the seasoned hands of Chef Natasha Pickowicz, you get an ephemeral edible that’s truly incredible. Infused with single-strain, solventless, whole-flower rosin that’s pressed in-house, each piece preserves and honors the natural properties of the plant to provide a dynamic and integrative experience.

Beyond the stellar effects and mouthwatering intake method, this THC-infused Turkish delight uses fruit and flower grown with regenerative, biodynamic agricultural practices that restore Earth’s lands and ecosystems. Though just like the brief window we have each year to enjoy the oro blanco from which these are made, they won't last long, so grab them before they're gone. Presented by Gossamer and featured in Vogue, these high-end treats are getting they hype they deserve.

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