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Low-Dose Edibles To Take You From Day To Night

Because finding your perfect dose shouldn't be a chore.

We've all heard the horror stories about journalists lying in the fetal position on hotel room floors and too-stoned cops calling the cops on themselves. But before you jump to conclusions about cannabis-infused goodies, know there's a difference between pot-laced brownies of decades past and the low-dose godsends of cannabis's future. 

What does it mean for an edible to be low-dose you ask? While personal tolerances can vary widely, in general, a dose of about 3 to 5mg of THC constitutes a low dose for most people. Below 3mg and you’re in microdose territory, which has its own unique benefits (like a gentle introduction to cannabis, for instance). But for our purposes, low doses of cannabis-infused goodies can be helpful for two primary reasons: safely gauging your tolerance and achieving an effective yet functional high. The closest and simplest analogy would probably be caffeine. Most people will barely feel a buzz from green tea, a mild spark from black tea, a noticeable lift from coffee, and a jetpack blast to the moon from a triple espresso. To know whether you should cut yourself off at one matcha latte or four iced coffees requires a little trial and error. Cannabis is no different.

Many of us at Proper smoke, vape, and eat cannabis regularly and could easily hoard a whole joint without feeling overwhelmed. But when it comes to edibles, most of us find our happy place right around the 5mg mark. Why this tolerance discrepancy? Most simply, it has to due with the way our bodies metabolize cannabinoids, the active compounds found in cannabis. When inhaled, THC rapidly enters the bloodstream via the lungs, delivering a high you can feel within minutes. When consumed, THC has to first travel through your liver and gastrointestinal tract, taking 30 to 90 minutes to deliver a high. The difference in potency comes down to the conversion of delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, the latter of which produces a more intense psychoactive effect. Basically, your liver is a lot better than your lungs at converting standard THC to its more psychedelic cousin, 11-hydroxy-THC.

To know whether you should cut yourself off at one matcha latte or four iced coffees requires a little trial and error. Cannabis is no different.

Understanding that, it’s easy to see why you can smoke a joint and realize fairly quickly when you’ve reached a comfortable high, whereas consuming edibles requires planning and patience. Which brings us back to the beauty of low doses. With 5mg of THC, you can enter the unknown with confidence. Worst case, you feel a little more psychoactive engagement than you anticipated, but it’s nothing a couple snacks and a movie can’t fix. On the flip side, you may feel nothing two hours after imbibing, in which case, congratulations! You can now gradually increase your dose until you find what works best for you. It’s the perfect combination of low stakes and high potential to learn more about what you like that make low-dose edibles ideal for so many people.

Keep scrolling to see which low-dose edibles the Proper Cannabis Committee has deemed the best of the best.

Go Beans by 1906 

Serving size: 1 bean, 5mg THC and 5mg CBD
Good for: Energy, Mood Boost
Available in: Colorado 

Committee member Antonio DeRose wrote in his review: “I tried these in the morning before a day of work, but I could have had them before a trail run, hiking in the mountains, or even before hitting the gym. These are perfect for a morning pick-me-up, study sessions, or just getting shit done.”

Energizing Peppermint Mints by Mr. Moxey's 

Serving size: 1 mint, 5mg THC
Good for: Energy, Uplift, Focus
Available in: Oregon, Washington

Committee member and cannabis influencer Kitty Kitty Bang Bang wrote in her review: “Staying dialed in and focused is not one of my strong suits, but these mints really contributed to my mental acuity. I felt slightly enhanced but still functional.”

Chocolate Goji Berries by Somatik 

Serving size: 2 berries for a total of 2mg THC & 4mg CBD
Good for: Unwind, Joy, Relief
Available in: California

Committee member Mike O’Donnell says: “My wrist pain is less of a distraction now and I’m excited to relax and watch some TV. Feeling the urge to lounge.”

Uplift Gummies by Plus 

Serving size: 1 gummy, 5mg THC
Good for: Joy, Uplift, Relief
Available in: California

Committee member Laura Benack says: “Feeling a nice body buzz creep up and a soothing of my aching muscles. The edible is helping me tolerate bathing suit shopping, though I think it would also be great for a post-workout mood boost.”

Milk Chocolate Covered Hazelnut Bits by Grön 

Serving size: 1 piece, 4.5mg THC and 4.5mg CBD
Good for: Relief, Unwind, Joy
Available in: Oregon

Committee member Brianna Wheeler says: “Within a few minutes of this chocolate taking effect, I was giving myself a full-on private concert, singing like I was in a soundproof shower. This chocolate swept me to my happy place so gently I wasn’t aware of how much fun I was having until I started sweating from my performance.”

Raspberry Gummies by Wyld 

Serving size: 1 gummy, 5mg THC
Good for: Energy, Uplift
Available in: Oregon

Committee member Margaret Dumas says: “Having a pleasant morning made possible by the soothing and uplifting effects of this edible! The high hits like a nice surprise—low-key but obviously making its presence known.”

Black Lime Special Reserve Chocolate Bar by Peak Extracts 

Serving size: 1 square, 5mg THC
Good for: Sleep, Unwind, Joy
Available in: Oregon

Committee member Brianna Wheeler says: “I’m really stoked on how this high has developed. I feel fun and silly but not without my wits. There is a dopey essence to this high but it’s very manageable.”

Coffee Chocolate Bar by Défoncé 

Serving size: 1 triangular section, 5mg THC
Good for: Joy, Uplift
Available in: California

Committee member Mike O’Donnell wrote in his review: "Unlike coffee, these edibles possess the power to relieve soreness and pain, in part just by making you too relaxed and euphoric to give them any thought."

Mondo Powder by Mondo 

Serving size: 1 scoop, 5mg THC and <1mg CBD
Good for: Relief, Joy, Energy
Available in: California

Committee member Khara Krawczyk says: “I could see myself using this to take the edge off of mild stress or anxiety while still functioning at a high level. Great for a mid-afternoon lift or before sitting in traffic.”

CBD Raspberry Fruit Jellies by Goodship 

Serving size: 1 piece, 5mg THC and 5mg CBD
Good for: Calm, Relief, Focus
Available in: Washington

Committee member Malina Lopez says: “Took two of these jellies before going to a concert and felt super relaxed but also uplifted the whole time. 10mg ended up being the perfect amount for me.”

You can find these and many more top-rated low-dose edibles here.

About the Author

Kate is Proper's Editorial Director. As a mutt mom, sci-fi buff, and soft athlete, she likes low-dose products that have an intoxicating edge with a side of relief. Don't expect her to try anything without a balanced ratio of THC to CBD.

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