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Meet Pure Beauty’s New Beverage

Little Strong Drink was built to help you and your buds go full bore.

Pure Beauty is known for stellar products and caring just as much about the plant as they do the planet and people behind it. Their thoughtful cultivation practices focus on safety and sustainability, and all of their effort results in fabulous, full-spectrum products with robust terpene profiles. And while such processes are becoming prevalent and producing beloved live resins and loud flower, they've taken things a step further by applying the same methodology to their Little Strong Drink.

With 100mg of THC in a small two-ounce bottle, this heavy hitter is as covert a cannabis product as they come. But it isn’t merely a distillate drink devoid of depth, by using live resin, Concord grapes, cardamom & Ashwagandha, they’ve created a uniquely doseable concoction perfect for the cannacurious and seasoned stoner alike. It’s a lovely libation with a quick onset, and it’s just as great for staying within your limits as it is pushing them. So keep things light by taking down a capful, or knock back the whole bottle to relish in a borderline religious experience. 

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