Introducing Leisuretown, A New, Low-Dose Cannabis Seltzer
Press by Proper Staff
Jul 22, 2022 · 51 seconds read

Enjoy a chill high with Diplo and Rob Dyrdek’s new infused seltzer.

Two more celebs are taking advantage of the red hot infused beverage market with a low-dose drink soon to be released under the Leisuretown name. Rod Dyrdek and Diplo found themselves digging the fizzy fan favorites that grace dispensary shelves nationwide so much that they couldn’t help but get onboard with their own beverage.

A new venture for Leisuretown, who had previously stuck to the hemp game, this 2.5mg THC and 5mg CBD drink will come in three unique flavors: Cherry Vanilla, Ginger Berry and Yuzu Lime. Built to help everything around you feel a bit more golden, these doseable drinks will allow you to enjoy a little weed without wrecking your day. They'll will be hitting dispensaries across California towards the end of summer, so be sure to check back soon to find your new chill high nearby.