Introducing Matu, A Premium Cannabis Brand Now Available In Massachusetts
Press by Proper Staff
Aug 26, 2022 · 1 min read

Matu’s Classic and Live disposables and carts are can’t-miss vapes coming to your state.

With budding new brands popping up left and right up and down the East Coast, it can be hard for consumers to figure out which are the cream of the crop, but we can assure you that Matu makes products you’ll be proud to puff on. Their all-in-one Surf vapes feature a triple-intake system that cools the vapor as you inhale, maximizing the flavor and effects of each pure cannabis strain.

Available in two lines, Matu Classic and Matu Live, these flavorful, potent cannabis vapes and cartridges are made by using a fingerprint of each strain to closely resemble the taste and effects of the flower they stem from. Classic contains a pure distillate, terpenes and a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, where their Live delivers live terpenes extracted within the first hour following harvest to preserve up to 95% of the terpene profile.

Available in 500mg disposable and 500mg cartridges at retailers including Northeast Alternatives, Mass Alternative Care, Legal Greens, Cannabis Connection, Inc, Rise, Liberty, and more, grab yours today to experience one of the brands making the most out of Cannabis becoming legal on the East Coast.