Introducing STIIIZY’s New CBN Gummies
Press by Proper Staff
Sep 27, 2022 · 53 seconds read

STIIIZY’s CBN Gummies Will Send You To Sleep

As more and more studies are conducted on cannabis and we unlock the mysteries of what makes the plant so powerful, we see the proliferation of targeted products and cannabinoids to offer something for every consumer. And while STIIIZY’s Gummy line is already stellar in its own right, the addition of CBN will help anyone struggling with sleep get to B-E-D.

By enlisting the entourage effect and combining 10mg of THC with 5mg of CBN, STIIIZY has crafted a long-lasting and reliable answer to anyone’s restless nights. And not only will they get you to sleep (and keep you there), the fantastic flavor options of Crimson Berry, Midnight Berry and White Berry will ensure the intake experience is as enjoyable as the effects—making these the perfect post-dinner treat to round out the night. So grab a jar, and see how STIIIZY can make counting sheep a thing of the past.