Pay It Forward With Halara’s Forbidden Roses
Press by Proper Staff
Feb 10, 2023 · 1 min read

Halara and Sweetleaf Collective’s collab will help you give back through cannabis.

Halara, a premium vape producer, is proud to announce the re-release of its popular hybrid cart, Forbidden Roses. This limited release is part of Halara's charity series, and for this iteration they have selected Sweetleaf Collective, a California-based cannabis compassion program, as their partner. A portion of the profits from this release will be donated to Sweetleaf to help low-income veterans, terminally ill patients, and people of color access free medical cannabis.

Forbidden Roses is a unique blend of Forbidden Fruit and Roses strains, resulting in a smooth, sweet, and fruity taste with floral and pine undertones. The aroma is just as delightful with a sweet and floral overtone. Each of these vape cartridges is made with 100% strain-specific live resin, and features a ceramic core and precisely sized holes to produce the desired puff size.

Halara's Live Diamond Sauce cartridges are minimally processed, with no additives or distillation, making them an accurate representation of the flower they’re derived from. With your purchase, you’ll not only get to enjoy the same flavorful experience flower can offer in a convenient format, but you will also help provide access to free medical cannabis for patients in need.

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