The Houseplant That Gets You High
Press by Proper Staff
Mar 11, 2021 · 1 min read

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s cannabis company has finally made it to California.

While there may exist parallel universes where Seth Rogen doesn’t own a cannabis company, ours is thankfully no longer among them. Houseplant, a cannabis brand founded by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, may have just launched in Canada two years ago, but the company’s been in the works for almost a decade. It’s been a journey, but their mission has always remained the same: Bring the type of weed Seth would be proud to smoke to the community.

Companies started by smokers, for smokers, always have a higher chance of prioritizing the plant over profit, and so far, it seems their products are doing just that. They partnered with Canopy Growth north of the border and an undisclosed set of top-tier cultivators in CA, and both are putting out stellar expressions of their exclusive strains.

These premium, hand-picked buds are also housed in recyclable packaging that has won awards for its chic, minimalist design. Initially for sale exclusively on their website, get your hands on one of their Pink Moon, Pancake Ice or Diablo Wind eighths before they quickly sell out. And if you really want to smoke like Seth Rogen, check out their ceramics section for his signature ashtray set. 

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