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Proper Connect Turns Data Into Dollars

Leverage Proper’s complete toolkit to attain universal shopability.

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, and no matter what changes we face, companies will need the right tools to adapt and excel. Building brand appeal and making your products readily available online is more important than ever, and many brands don't have the capabilities to best represent themselves in the digital world. That’s where we come in. We launched our new service in May, called Proper Connect, to provide you with everything you need to create a direct to consumer network, boost sales and gain increased visibility into consumer trends.

What You’re Missing

Join leading brands like Kiva, Island and LitHouse and take advantage of our monthly SaaS software to strengthen your online presence, reinforce your brand and never be stocked out again.

Connect merges Proper’s ‘Where to Buy’ network, which facilitates direct to consumer e-commerce experiences at scale, with a view into retail trends affecting your brand.

Partner with us to turn your brand’s entire retail footprint into a focused, consumer-first D2C experience that’s reliable, robust and gets your products in front of more customers than ever before. All for $1 per product, per retailer, monthly.

How It Works

1) We start by analyzing your current stockist list for online ordering compatibility.

2) Our tools then scrape your retailer’s online menus, linking Proper and retailer pages.

3) Next, embed our ‘Where To Buy’ widget on your site to make it a direct-to-consumer shopping funnel.

4) That’s it! Consumers can now shop your products through Proper, your site or nearby retailers. Though we don’t stop there...

5) Proper will follow up weekly with stockout reports and store audits to provide a comprehensive snapshot of inventory and consumer trends.

6) Sign up today for immediate and sustained growth in online sales when they’re needed most. 

For more information about Proper Connect, click here or drop us an email.

About the Author

Co-founder and head of partnerships at Proper.

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