Dr. Norm’s Turned My Blah Monday Into A Fun Day
by Kelly Graham
Nov 24, 20204 minute read

These buttery cookies offer a sort of anytime, anywhere high that’s hard to find.

IN REVIEW: Even on the most dreary of days, Dr. Norm’s Pecan Shortbread Cookies have what it takes to bring the sun out. Their buttery taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture are all you need to get your day going—well that and the smooth 10mg dose of THC. And while the dose isn’t incredibly daunting, those new to edibles may want to start with half—but be warned, they taste so good that the second piece will be calling you back before you know it. 

Nothing spells mood-killer quite like a cloudy, grey, “meh” kind of a day—especially if it’s a Monday afternoon and you’re desperately searching for your second wind. I usually turn to a caffeinated cup of something anytime I need that extra boost, but the menacing clouds outside of my window called for something a bit stronger: Dr. Norm’s Pecan Shortbread Cookies.

I gobbled up the rest of the cookie in one single mouthful, already feeling myself perk up.

As I brewed a cup of chai tea, I decided that a shortbread cookie sounded like the perfect addition to my midday pick-me-up. I ripped open a bag of Dr. Norm’s THC-infused cookies and was immediately hit by a rich and buttery aroma that was reminiscent of a movie theatre. I took in a second whiff, audibly saying “mmmmmm” to myself as my nose relished in the sweet and salty scent.

I grabbed a cookie from the bag and examined the bite-sized delight: it was perfectly round, with pecans dotting the surface of an almost flaky texture. I could have devoured it in one bite, but I decided to take my time with this one.

I took one nibble and was lured in by both the texture and taste. The texture was quite crunchy before it literally melted in my mouth, while the flavor was far more nuanced than the typical butter-forward flavor you might expect from a shortbread cookie. It was somehow floral and light with a hint of buttered nuts, and as the cookie melted over my tongue, the flavor continued to unfold and reveal a burst of movie theater popcorn. Needless to say, I gobbled up the rest of the cookie in one single mouthful, already feeling myself perk up.

By this time my chai tea had finished brewing, and I took my first sip with the taste of pecan shortbread cookie still lingering on my palate. My senses were further awakened by the beautiful mix of flavors dancing around my mouth. The cookie perfectly paired with the cinnamon in my chai and balanced out the richness of the tea, and both seemed to revitalize my energy.

Feeling ready to tackle the rest of my workday, I resumed my position behind my laptop as I awaited the effects to roll in. After about an hour of being completely lost in my work, I started to notice a delicate euphoria start to creep in. Nothing overwhelming, just enough to notice that I was bobbing in my chair to my playlist and giggling at some of the Instagram captions I was writing for a client. I felt completely at ease as the cookie began to work its magic, and I continued to breeze through my to-do list.

Dr. Norm has truly perfected the art of dosing in a cookie that both satisfies your sweet tooth and doesn’t ruin your dinner.

Feeling far from my “bleh” mood brought on by the gloom of fall, I looked up from my laptop and noticed the sun had finally started to peak out through the thick cloud cover. Streaks of bright sunlight shone through the grey clouds in a way that looked straight out of some biblical painting. While I know cookies can’t control the weather, my high mind couldn’t help but feel like Dr. Norm had a hand in bringing out the sunshine—my mind certainly felt sunnier, and that was enough proof for me.

I conquered the rest of my workday with an effortless ease that can only be attributed to a responsible dose of cannabis. Dr. Norm has truly perfected the art of dosing in a cookie that both satisfies your sweet tooth and doesn’t ruin your dinner.

Their cookies are low in sugar and small in size, so you can have as many or as little as you’d like. I can see myself having one cookie as a mood booster for the middle of the day, but I can also imagine myself curled up on the couch with two cookies and an ice-cold glass of almond milk to wind down for the night. The high is incredibly balanced, and it quietly slips its way into your consciousness for a seamless addition to your daily cannabis regimen.

Whether it’s a bleak Monday afternoon or a lively Friday night, Dr. Norm’s Pecan Shortbread cookies know how to bring on the good vibes. 

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by Kelly Graham
Nov 24, 20204 minute read

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