From The Kush Mountains To The SoCal Sun
by Luca Belloiu
Mar 29, 20224 minute read

This pungent and potent flower from Cannabiotix is the answer to stress and anxiety.

In Review: Kush Mountains is an award-winning strain from Cannabiotix that is a cross between White Walker OG and Blue Flame OG Phenotype #4. It delivers a deeply relaxing and euphoric high that sets the mind and body at ease. These purple-tinged nuggets have a powerful aroma of gas, citrus, and sweet candy, and contain some strong medicinal qualities. So if you have been looking for an end-of-the-day flower to help you deal with any aches, pains or anxiety, check this out, and let the balance of 30% THC and terpenes take the edge off.

It was only right that I would smoke something called Kush Mountain before setting off on a high-altitude hike. This was the sort of perfect weekend buzz that turns a simple nature hike into a psychonautic adventure. My first impression of this flower was the way it released me from all physical and mental anxiety. I could feel the muscles in my face start to unravel themselves in real time. 

It was almost like this flower had found a way to snap the invisible high-tension wires located around my head. It was a freeing experience, and as far as being in a calm state of mind goes, this strain checked all the boxes.

I started my long hike towards the top of the nearby Boney Peak with the wide-eyed wonderment of someone firmly rooted in the present. Whatever had been plaguing me previous to smoking a purple hued nugget of this Kush Mountain flower was gone. What took its place was a state of curiosity and joy that propelled me every step of the way. 

Everything I had taken for granted somehow gained new importance and meaning.

What Cannabiotix manages to do with this euphoria inducing strain is almost reset the mind so that everything seems fresh and new. Trails that I had been down a hundred times before then seemed foreign to me. Views that I had taken in for years seemed like a distant land. Everything I had taken for granted somehow gained new importance and meaning. This bud managed to fill me with a sense of gratitude, and it allowed me to re-explore the natural world around me with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Hiking through unpopulated trails, I felt as light as a feather and as happy as a clam. I was supercharged with good vibes from start to finish, and while I definitely had a case of dry eyes, nothing could tear me away from multiple smoke sessions of this stellar flower. Each puff sent me further and further away from the ego, and into the loving arms of wherever it was I was going. It also helped that I had an upbeat musical playlist leaning heavily on 90’s alternative hits to light my way. It provided a worthy soundtrack as I navigated around boulders and brambles and out towards majestic clearings where you could drink in the entire valley. 

Time and time again I would be treated to a mental cascade of insight that helped put things into perspective.

The euphoria of this strain made it to where I felt like embracing the entire panorama, and it was at that moment where I knew that I had lost myself. With eyes closed, I felt like whispering into the ether, “Mission accomplished, motherfucker.” If all you want is to just check yourself out of the rat race and get in touch with what is real and ever present, you can not go wrong with Kush Mountains by Cannabiotix. You simply cannot.

Time and time again I would be treated to a mental cascade of insight that helped put things into perspective. It was almost as if I was gaining answers to long-posed questions in rapid succession. This high was as therapeutic to the soul as it was to the body. I felt unencumbered with the daily anxieties of life, and to make matters even better, all my body aches and nagging pains seemed to have melted away.

This was a manageable high that could work wonders for smokers of all stripes. While you will most likely find yourself filled with bright-eyed optimism and happiness, the real payoff is in how this flower helps you grow as a person by helping you see that you are an intrical part of this world and not separate from it. It’s like spiritual glue, and the next time I want to tap into the mysteries of this universe I will not hesitate to reach for this godsend of a cannabis strain. In fact, I will climb any mountain for it.

About the Author

by Luca Belloiu
Mar 29, 20224 minute read

Luca is a Romanian-born writer who grew up in New Jersey and moved out west to study at UCLA’s School of Film and Television. He is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, avid runner/hiker, and loves nothing more than a euphoria-packed sativa flower.

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