Probably A One And Done, But It Sure Is Fun
by Lindsay MaHarry
Jul 09, 20205 minute read

This Infused Blunt is Overpriced and Over Packaged, but Damn the High Is Good

IN REVIEW: If you like flavored blunt wraps, this is for you. But if you want to taste the weed you're smoking then you may want to search elsewhere. What won't be argued by anyone are the effects produced by this heavily infused pre-roll. This thing is no joke and comes with two grams of premium Sherbinksis flower, .25 grams of kief, and the same amount of oil to combine for 16.23% THC. While all weed is meant to be shared, this blunt is basically begging for it. Light it up with friends to enjoy a mellow afternoon with this social high. 

As a cannabis journalist who focuses on writing about products, I’ve watched the industry evolve over the past five years. When I first started in 2015, conversations centered around lab testing, Prop 64, and the impending threat of corporate America on small cannabis businesses.

Five years later, everything bad that could have happened to the industry pretty much did. Mom and pop brands went under in droves. Revenue projections of tech bubble proportions fell way, way short. The edibles industry was all but decimated. A lot of people lost a lot.

Everyone had a margarita. Life was good. Perfect time for a blunt.

But some good things happened too, like canna-brand’s putting focus on the inclusion of POC, women and the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as working with organizations to free nonviolent cannabis offenders from prison. Perhaps the most important cause (to me) gaining traction currently is the one surrounding packaging and sustainability issues concerning cannabis products.

Weed is from the earth. No matter how deep into the capitalist vortex cannabis spirals, it should never be weaponized against the planet by using tons of plastic, lithium-ion batteries, and other unnatural materials just to sell a joint or a one time use vaporizer.

Due to my dedication to furthering the conversation surrounding packaging and sustainability, when I was assigned to review this Sherbinskis x Packwoods Infused Bacio Gelato Blunt, I was horrified by the amount of trash this single smoking experience produced. The high it gave me, however, was fucking great.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in my hometown of Ojai, California. My friends and I were chilling at a super nice pool attached to a mansion someone was house sitting. The cloudless sky was bright. Everyone had a margarita. Life was good. Perfect time for a blunt.

I reached into my black bag of products to rate, pulling out the orange and white box that housed a $65 dollar kief and sauce infused blunt. Inside the box, a giant plastic tube with fake plastic wax on the top you could pull off like a thickly textured condom was displayed. I showed my friends, who happened to all be super chic gay guys from NYC with great taste. Their collective reaction upon seeing the blunt’s presentation was to squeal, “Ewwwwwwww!”

This product is the result of a collaboration between Sherbinskis (who provided the weed) and Packwoods (who provided the blunt form and packaging), both popular brands in the cannabis world. San Fran brand Sherbinskis has a cult following due to Mr. Sherbinskis role as a curator of world-renowned genetics, famous for Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbert, and the Gelato line, including Bacio (the strain in this blunt), Mochi, Acai berry, and Gello. Packwoods is known for 2 gram infused blunts that seem to cater to stoner bros, and of course, their highly visible and gross approach to packaging.

After a somewhat long conversation about the indulgent nature of this product, which at $65 for a single smoking experience is very much a splurge, I decided to light the bad boy up.

Once I got past the flavoring, however, an epic high blossomed inside me, changing my entire outlook on the experience. 

My first impression was that the chemmy grape flavoring of the blunt itself completely overpowered what was obviously stellar weed inside. Two grams of Bacio Gelato, a chain with origins in Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC, was masked by the pretty wack saccharine flavor. Full disclosure, I’m not a huge blunt smoker. This flavor probably wouldn’t bother someone who’s used to smoking flavored wraps, but I’m the type of person who wants to taste the weed, especially since you’re technically paying $32.50 for each infused gram of Sherbinskis genetics.

Once I got past the flavoring, however, an epic high blossomed inside me, changing my entire outlook on the experience. I don’t say things like this often, but it was one of the best highs I’ve experienced in a long time. The world around me began to sparkle.

The blunt was extremely potent, but not in the way that turns an upbeat social situation into a weird silent circle of people who have become too stoned to enjoy one another. We swam and laughed and kept it cute. Despite the hypercritical nature of my choir of friends, we came to the consensus that while the high was incredible, nothing could atone for its presentation. And I don’t care how you justify it, $65 dollars is a completely absurd price for a single smoking experience, regardless of what it’s infused with.

While this isn’t the ideal product for an ex anarcho-hippie like me who cares about the earth more than capitalism, and therefore doesn’t have $65 dollars to spend on a blunt, it’s definitely a high worth experiencing. Though I would suggest just buying the Sherbinskis strain directly, so you can get the high without having to spend so much and support the irresponsible marketing tactics plaguing our industry, but that’s just me.

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by Lindsay MaHarry
Jul 09, 20205 minute read

Lindsay is a writer, stoner, and on-camera personality. Since moving from NY to LA, she’s gone from writing about countercultures at large to mostly focusing on the one surrounding cannabis. At this point, she knows a fucking lot about weed.

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