Rethink Microdosing With The Little Strong Drink
by Amber Plaster
Aug 12, 20215 minute read

Pure Beauty’s discreet beverage offers big effects in a small package.

IN REVIEW: With 100mg of THC in a small two-ounce bottle, this heavy hitter is as covert a cannabis product as they come. But it isn’t merely a distillate drink devoid of depth, by using live resin, Concord grapes, cardamom & Ashwagandha, they’ve created a uniquely doseable concoction perfect for the cannacurious and seasoned stoner alike. It’s a lovely libation with a quick onset, and it’s just as great for staying within your limits as it is pushing them. So keep things light by taking down a capful, or knock back the whole bottle to relish in a borderline religious experience.

As a Budtender, I’ve recently noticed that micro-dosing beverages are selling really well. I haven’t been able to try many of them because my tolerance is very, very high now. Because, well, 2020. So I was definitely excited to try the flip side of micro-dosing with Pure Beauty’s “Little Strong Drink.” My first impression was one of pleasant surprise when I looked at the ingredients. Needless to say, I was really impressed. But before we get to the ingredient list, let me tell you about the “LSD” experience.

I was enjoying a long sunny walk a few hours after trying the Concord Grape Little Strong Drink. Each little 2oz bottle comes packed with 100mg of THC (and trace amounts of CBD, which is to be expected). It’s small. Think of a travel shampoo bottle, meaning it’s easy to bring with you, which I appreciate. The cap also conveniently works as a tiny cup, and each capful is considered one dose.

The taste was sweet and surprisingly zesty.

I always recommend checking the packaging of any concentrate or edible to get an idea of the suggested dosage. Since everyone’s bodies will respond uniquely, I think it will help to ask your budtender if you’re unsure. My tolerance is a bit higher than normal, so I took 2 capfuls to start. Two hours later, I took 3 capfuls to elongate the feeling. I would recommend starting with 1 capful and waiting 3 hours to see how your tolerance feels. The taste was sweet and surprisingly zesty, and it would be great poured over a seltzer or a soda.

Picture this - you're camping out at the Coachella music festival with your friends. You need something to last you all day, and you’ll want a product that's lightweight and can be consumed quickly. My recommendation? A whole new kind of LSD. When it comes to the wait time for THC edibles to hit, I tend to feel that for most people, it’s much longer than cannabis drinks. Though for me The Little Strong Drink by Pure Beauty cannabis was an exception to this rule. I took my first dose at noon and didn’t feel the full high until about 4:30 pm. So with that in mind, I’d recommend taking this edible earlier than you think. But start small in case it was just my tolerance playing tricks on me.

The Pure Beauty cannabis brand is on a level of its own when it comes to cultivation innovation. They launched in 2017, so you may not have heard of Pure Beauty yet, but you will. Founded by the same masterminds behind Marley Natural (Bob Marley’s cannabis brand), they prize high-quality ingredients above all else. The packaging is minimalistic and bright, the flower is grown indoors, and they even talk to the plants as they grow. It’s also refreshing to see the Pure Beauty team is made up of 65% women.

Live Resin (as opposed to THC distillate) has gained popularity in vapes, but I haven’t found it much in edibles. “Live Resin” or “Uncured Resin” denotes an unadulterated, concentrated form of a cannabis bud. Meaning, none of the good stuff like terpenes is lost during the process.

Now let’s talk about ingredients. The Little Strong Drink boasts cardamom extract and sustainably sourced ashwagandha root. Cardamom seeds have several health benefits, including multiple essential vitamins and minerals. Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that’s genetically similar to the ginseng plant, so it is also known as “Indian Ginseng.” Ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen, meaning it can naturally help your body manage stress. It can also boost brain function, lower blood sugar levels, and help fight symptoms of anxiety. So, yeah. The ingredients are good enough to impress any cannabis connoisseur.

I felt soft tingles down my back expand and release.

Though I took this beverage on a hike, it didn’t hit until I was almost home again. Which turned out great because it’s a very cozy high. I noticed my mood had lifted and my thoughts slowed down. By the time I unlocked my door, the effects of the natural terpenes found in live resin had unfolded. I felt soft tingles down my back expand and release. Fortunately, I did not get the munchies from this edible. I curled up on the sofa and decided the hike needed to end with a cat nap. So, I took a nap with my fluffy cat, whose name is Bagel.

I was one happy camper. The high tapered off slowly, and fully faded hours later. I’d definitely recommend trying your own Little Strong Drink. It’s absolutely perfect for events that last all day.

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by Amber Plaster
Aug 12, 20215 minute read

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