These Aren’t Your Average Beans
by Antonio DeRose
Jun 05, 20185 minute read

If you like chocolate, coffee, and cannabis, then you’ll love these beans.

Starting the day off with a hot cup of coffee is a common morning ritual for many of us, myself included. For daily cannabis consumers like me, I also participate in another common morning ritual our society knows as a wake and bake. If you don’t know, a wake and bake is exactly what it sounds like. I wake up, I get baked. This doesn’t mean I get stoned out of my mind. I simply jumpstart my body’s endocannabinoid system by consuming cannabis in the morning, usually right along with a cup of coffee.

They look like small, fancy chocolates you’d find in an expensive candy store.

I’ve been consuming cannabis and coffee in the mornings for so many years now, it’s become second nature to me. I’ve also come to love the taste of coffee, which is why I drink it black—no sugar, no creamer, just a dark cup of delicious hot java. The strong savory smell of coffee alone can make me crave another cup. When walking by the coffee aisle in the grocery store, I even take a moment to pause and inhale the roasted beans’ flavorful aromas. My love for coffee has even led me to taste several coffee beans straight out of the bag, but the first time I tried eating coffee beans, they were dipped in another one of my favorite flavors: chocolate. Chocolate-covered coffee beans are one of my favorite snacks when I need a caffeine boost with a little added sweetness, which made these weed-infused beans a no-brainer.

Coffee and chocolate have been perfectly paired flavors for hundreds of years. Besides being incredibly tasty, coffee and chocolate have several health benefits. They’re both high in antioxidants, are said to improve heart health, and can help prevent certain types of cancer. That said, the edible creators at 1906 have found a way by to blend the health benefits of cannabis with coffee and chocolate in their fantastic Go Bean. The Go Bean is a THC and CBD-infused chocolate-covered coffee bean. The chocolate is infused with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD for a total dose of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD in each bean.

If you like chocolate, coffee, and cannabis, then you’ll love the Go Beans. They look like small, fancy chocolates you’d find in an expensive candy store. The texture is smooth and glossy, and they smell rich with flavor. When you first bite into a Go Bean, your mouth is welcomed by the comforting taste of smooth dark chocolate. As it starts to melt, your teeth crunch into the bitterness of the roasted coffee bean, making for a complex combination I craved again and again after my first bite.

Since I enjoy edibles and I consume heavy amounts of cannabis throughout the day to help with my training and recovery as an athlete, my tolerance is pretty high. In order to feel the effects of an edible I need to eat at least 30-50mg of THC. This means I would eat about 10 beans max. If you’re new to cannabis, I would recommend starting out with just one bean and waiting a couple hours before you take more. The effects of the Go Beans were subtle but enjoyable. I ate six beans (30mg worth of THC and CBD), and I actually had them with some coffee, which isn’t unusual for me to do. The chocolate's refreshing, sweet flavor paired well with the dark roasted flavor of the coffee bean, and the extra caffeine gave me the energy boost I needed to cross some items off my to-do list.

These are perfect for a morning pick-me-up, study sessions, or just getting shit done.

The effects of the caffeine seemed to kick in within about 15 minutes and the onset of the THC took about 45 minutes. By then, my mind was clear and focused. I welcomed a warm, comforting body effect that felt like a slight glow. The effects of the THC and CBD lasted noticeably for a little over two hours as I worked on organizing and editing marketing material. The extra boost of caffeine from the beans seemed to last a little longer, encouraging me to wrap up the project I was working on before having lunch.

Each package of Go Beans has 20 beans for a total of 100mg THC and 100mg CBD. At $22.00 a box, these are a great price, considering one 100mg THC chocolate bar in Colorado goes for about $25 on average. I personally love edibles, but I don’t like how expensive they can get. As a trail runner, I also consume a lot of CBD, so being able to get 100mg of both for around $20 is a pretty sweet deal for me. I tried these in the morning before a day of work, but I could have had them before a trail run, hiking in the mountains, or even before hitting the gym. These are perfect for a morning pick-me-up, study sessions, or just getting shit done. If you want to indulge in the incredible flavors of chocolate and coffee, while also getting a solid head and body buzz without any grogginess, I’d highly recommend you try 1906’s Go Beans.     

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by Antonio DeRose
Jun 05, 20185 minute read

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