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Same Lit Flower, Without The House

LitHouse took our favorite strains on a field trip for an ephemeral expression worthy of the same obsession.

With the help of their family friends at the Mendocino Ranch Company, LitHouse is offering the cannabis community a new way to fall in love with their legendary flower. Their industry leading strains like Dark Dosi, Lemon Lava and Wedding Crasher have found a new home atop the ridgeline of the famed Anderson Valley pinot noir region—an area of the Emerald Triangle with conditions perfect for growing superior quality, full-spectrum, seasonal flower.

By growing your favorite strains with nothing but open air and abundant sunshine, LitHouse has made their products more natural, accessible and affordable than ever. But beware, as with anything seasonal, this limited-release line won't be around forever. So just like the last few sunny days of summer, take advantage while you can before you find yourself in full fomo as you await next year's harvest.

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