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The Best Edibles In Every Category

From gummies and mints to cookies and chocolate bars, these edibles do not disappoint.

Oh, edibles. When they’re great, they deliver some of the best highs we’ve ever come across. When they’re not so great, they have us believing we’re on boats when, in fact, we are not. Having experienced both sides of the spectrum, I can understand why newcomers to cannabis would be hesitant to dabble with edibles. That’s why here at Proper we have a committee of herb experts to blindly (and bravely) experiment with these products so you don’t have to. These edibles won out as the best of the best, and unsurprisingly, they’re all relatively low-dosed. You won’t find any weedy brownies containing 1000mg of THC or Swedish fish that’ve been sprayed with weed oil here. However, you might notice Kiva makes a bunch of the edibles on this list, but that’s only because they can’t help but crush every category they touch.

The Gummies

Kiva’s Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummies may have a spicy aftertaste that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it’s worth it for the euphoric, energizing high. For most, one gummy is enough to take an average night out into best-night-ever territory. Share some with your date if you’re looking to take things to the next level. 

Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies

Kiva’s Sparkling Pear Camino Gummies are milder than their habanero-flavored counterparts with a barely-there, stress-relieving high to match. Most only require one CBD-rich gummy to take the edge off, while two result in a wash of deep relaxation. These gummies were made for aches, pains, and aggravating days. 

Kushy Punch’s Indica Plum Gummies get their surprisingly potent high from a full-spectrum extraction method that retains all the benefits of the cannabis plant. Since they come in a block sectioned like a chocolate bar, they can be a little tricky to dose. But once you section off one piece, you’re in for a supremely fun high that’d pair well with a camping trip or a day at the beach.

PLUS’s CBD Relief Gummies contain a ton of mango flavor for their small size. With just enough THC to enhance the calming properties of CBD without eliciting a noticeable high, they’re the ideal entry-level gummy for newbies. Alternatively, if you're looking to take your experience up a notch, pair them with the same brand's sour watermelon-flavored Uplift gummies for a high that's as intoxicatingly upbeat as it is soothing. 

The Cookies

Korova’s Peanut Butter Mini Cookies pack 10mg of THC and an intoxicating, full-body high into each tasty little cookie. Depending on your starting energy level, these could motivate you to party or snuggle up on the couch. Alternatively, Korova’s Saturday Morning Mini Cookies are just as tasty and fun but with an added dose of nostalgia. Choose wisely or choose both. Either way you’re looking at a good time.

Chocolate Chip Therapy Regular Strength

Dr. Norm's Chocolate Chip Therapy 1:1 CBD:THC cookies balance a buttery body high with a giggly head high for an overall experience that’s equally uplifting and unwinding. Sure, every idea you have might be dumb, but you’ll be too happy to care. These cookies and Netflix are a perfect match as long as you decide what you want to watch before you get high.

The Mints

Breez’s Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Mints are a tasty, low-sugar alternative to your favorite calming chocolate or cookie. The balanced dose of THC and CBD make for an ultra-comfortable high that could enhance a chill night at home or take a day of pampering over the top. The high may be soothing but it’s far from debilitating, so don’t be afraid to pair these with a laid-back social event. 

Kiva’s Moroccan Mint Petra Mints have an icy-cool flavor and a low enough dose (2.5mg of THC) even true beginners can enjoy. More experienced users could eat these mints throughout the day to sustain a sense of contentedness. Between the super discreet packaging design and consumption method, it’s almost like they were made for music festivals and fanny packs.

The Chocolates

Kiva’s Espresso Bean Terra Bites, as one rater put it, are “like a 5-Hour Energy drink, if 5-Hour Energy made you happy and actually tasted good.” They provide the kind of happy buzz we all want from weed without the drowsy comedown most of us have come to expect. As a solid pick-me-up, these would pair nicely with Sunday brunch or a camping trip with friends. 

Défoncé’s Matcha Chocolate Bar is not only beautiful and delicious, it delivers a high both new users and connoisseurs can enjoy. Similarly to the espresso beans, the high is energetic without being high-octane. Depending on your personality, you could harness that calm yet uplifting energy to tackle a mountain of emails or host a dinner party.

Kiva’s Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar, in contrast to the chocolates I listed above, has a decidedly mellow vibe. If you’re looking to reconnect with your senses after a hectic workday, the strong body buzz and soothing head high should do the trick. As an added benefit, everything you eat will taste amazing even if you only have the energy to heat up a frozen pizza. 

Satori Chocolates’ CBD-Rich Salted Caramel Almonds in Dark Chocolate won’t get you high so much as they’ll leave you feeling surprisingly at ease. Full disclosure, each nut contains the slightest pinch of THC, but it’s only enough to enhance the calming properties of CBD. New and experienced users alike could benefit from munching on a few throughout a stressful day. 

The Snacks

Zendo’s Spicy Honey Sea Salt Almonds are popular for their salty-sweet flavor and balanced high. Mixing them into your trail mix wouldn’t be a terrible idea as the calm yet energizing high would enhance any hike. Just be sure to let your trail buddies know there’s a hefty 25mg of THC in each small handful of nuts.

Atlas Edibles’ Nimbus Granola Clusters deliver a comfortable, can-do high that could also pair well with a nature walk—or a walk around the mall if you’re feeling less outdoorsy. The combination of dark chocolate, oats, honey, and hazelnuts make for a delectable treat that’s hard to put down after one bite. But you’d be wise to pace yourself since each cluster contains a hefty 20mg of THC.

Photos by Sydney Brown.

About the Author

Kate is Proper's Editorial Director. As a mutt mom, sci-fi buff, and soft athlete, she likes low-dose products that have an intoxicating edge with a side of relief. Don't expect her to try anything without a balanced ratio of THC to CBD.

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