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The Best Pre-Roll Brands Under The California Sun

Forget about ever rolling another joint by hand.

If rolling your own joints is a smoker’s right of passage, then buying pre-rolled ones is the reward at the end of that hero’s journey. In contrast to the ready-made joints of decades past, which mainly consisted of dispensary freebies stuffed with leafy, bulk-bin detritus, today’s pre-rolled joints are crafted to meet specific needs. 

Whether it’s single pre-rolls, multi-packs, mini joints, or specific effects you’re looking for, there are tons of options these days. But to separate the truly great from the serviceable, the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) spent thousands of hours lighting up every pre-roll under the California sun. In the process, they discovered a small handful of brands actually live up to the hype.  


This artisanal brand took inspiration from 1970s coastal California and then elevated that inspiration to craft single-strain, 100% all-natural pre-rolls. When shopping this brand, you’ll find both traditional cone-shaped joints and hemp tube pre-rolls that more closely resemble cigarettes. Island also offers pint-sized, half-gram joints that are perfect for solo smoke sessions or small group hangs. As one PCC rater said after smoking a Citrus Wave Mini: "Having a great afternoon in the park. I’m floating along with friends. This is such a relaxing high and that puts me at peace."

Get a 5-pack of Island’s Citrus Wave Mini's

Pure Beauty

In addition to having ultra-hip streetwear vibes, Pure Beauty’s cigarette-style joints deliver distinct, memorable highs that satisfy both new and veteran cannabis consumers. So it should come as no surprise the brand was founded by the same masterminds behind Marley Natural, a premium Washington-based cannabis brand. Between the gorgeous packaging and the indoor-grown, high-quality flower inside, these pre-roll packs are sure to impress. As one rater put it after trying one of their Hybrid Babies, "I'm into these! They're bright and leave me feeling upbeat. Good for I-N-Out with my girls,and the nice and clear comedown doesn't hurt either."

Get a 10-pack of Pure Beauty’s Hybrid Babies

Lowell Herb Co.

You probably first heard about this brand when they were making trendy cannabis flower bouquets, and now you likely see their grown-up packaging elevating dispensary shelves. Lowell's pre-rolls come with nearly a gram of California weed grown on the Golden State's central coast. The highs are cultivated just as carefully as the flower itself, resulting in consistent vibes you can count on. As one rater put it after trying one of their Party Hybrid pre-rolls, "I woke up at 530am, and I'm now experiencing an afternoon crash. With more work to do, this flower is giving the perfect boost to keep going."

Get a 7-pack of Lowell’s Party Hybrid Pre-Rolls


Every LoudPack product is sourced from their seed-to-sale California greenhouse compound. They didn’t join this industry in recent years, they’ve been around since the beginning to help build it from the ground up. Their personnel and processes lead to consistent products, and their pre-rolls are some of their most consistent and highly-rated products in our system. One of our raters had this to say about their GMO Cookies Pre-Roll, which packs in a full-gram of Chem Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies. "Stronger doses definitely get me couch locked. Good for letting go of what ails you without sacrificing focus. It makes going for a walk or getting through the more mundane chores a little more fun."

Get their 1g GMO Cookies Pre-Roll

Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Farms makes a variety of products beloved by the California Market, and their pre-rolls contain the same flower you’ll find in their beautifully-branded jars. In fact, every product they make is born from their sun-grown flower in the prime, proven and picturesque Humboldt. This Pre-Roll Variety Pack is no different. With four different joints in each that cover the full spectrum of effects, you’re equipped to find your favorite new high wherever you please. 

That’s why these two raters had such varying, but pleasant experiences. The sativa side, “"Great! I feel like this is something you definitely can go out and about with and not be dragged down." And the indica, "Forehead expanding. If you need to erase what bugs you, this does the trick. Good for heavy pain, strong anxiety, and a good afternoon couch lock."

Get the Pre-Roll Variety Pack

Alive & Kicking

Alive & Kicking exists to give you joints that won’t bog you down, and are perfect for both sharing and riding solo. Each pack has 14 pre-rolls with 4.20 grams of premium cannabis. While they started with their nationally-sold CBD pack, they’ve more recently stepped into the world of lighter, everyday THC products. Launching a business during quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone, but giving people a new way to share without the fear of contamination is more important than ever. Give their CBD Pack a try for a mood boost that will elevate your day and erase any anxiety or bad vibes. As our PCC member noted, "A very subtle calmness to combat anxiety without any 'high' feeling or mental fuzz. The relaxing CBD is a nice and light cigarette replacement, much better for lungs and mind than tobacco."

Get their Hemp-CBD Pre-Rolls

Henry’s Original

Grown in the cannabis hub that is Mendocino County, Henry’s Originals is a family-run business known for valuing the unique climates that transform good flower into truly superb flower. Those who are eco-conscious will be pleased to know they value the farm’s surrounding environment as much as they value the end product. Their Strawberry Banana Premium Cannabis Smokes were an approachable, weekend kind of high great for jamming through projects, and as one PCC rater put it, "Just hit this joint and had a cup of coffee. Now I’m getting ready to start editing photos from a shoot yesterday, I think this herb will keep me going."

Get a 4-pack of Strawberry Banana Premium Cannabis Smokes

Stone Road

If only buy organic produce from your local farmers’ market, then this is the pre-roll brand for you. Stone Road sources their flower from small-batch cannabis farms dotting Northern California before hand-rolling that herb with French papers. The highs are just as luxurious, with their Pineapple Kush Infused Pre-Roll Pack being a prime example. As one rater put it, "I’m perfect, this is great for doing some things over the day before relaxing. It’s uplifting and soothing, especially for a mini-joint."

Get a 5-pack of Pineapple Kush Infused Pre-Roll Pack

Lola Lola

Lola Lola’s pre-roll packs offer targeted effects perfect for anything from nap-time to a trip to the circus, and their infused singles will help you take a solo toke to a higher level. They also often collaborate with growers and designers to deliver fresh and exclusive offerings, just like their Trance Pre-Rolls that feature Nasha Extracts, who provide the cold-water hash that makes these burn evenly and provide a heavy high. Just read Luca’s thoughts and try these out for a truly chill experience, "I moved to the couch where I'm cuddling with the dog and watching true crime shows. Deeply relaxed and deeply high. Almost as if I'm not lying on a couch at all but rather a cloud."

Get a 3-pack of Lola Lola's Infused Trance Pre-Rolls 


Perfect wants you to feel the way you want to feel, and their products make it easy for you to do so. They follow the trend that we’ve seen more and more where companies label their products based on effects instead of outdated designations, and their two-sided, infused Perfecto joints allow you to indulge at your own pace. Try their Happy Camper Perfecto Pre-Roll to find calm and focus that’ll relax you after a long day while still leaving you functional enough to knock out a few tasks. Just read what Carolina had to say, and consume with confidence, "Smoked this after a stressful day, but I'm mellow now and I’ve been focused on a project since I lit up and I’m making great headway.”

Get their Happy Camper Perfecto Pre-Roll

Photos by Sepp Desbach.

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