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We're Opening Our Rating Program To Entire Cannabis Industry

With great power comes great responsibility.

Dear Industry Family,

For the past two years, Proper has had one mission: rate every branded cannabis product we could get our hands on. We established a committee of tastemakers, built them tools to assess product quality and efficacy, and published this data so anyone can discover, learn, compare, and ultimately find their perfect high. To date, we’ve rated more than 2,500 products through 50,000+ hours of consumer trials. That’s not an easy job, but someone had to do it!

Proper ratings have become an industry benchmark that hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers now turn to when shopping for their next high.

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Today, we are excited to open Proper’s ratings program to our industry colleagues. Through Proper Bounty, we’re inviting all growers, extractors, budtenders, advocates, makers, marketers, and experts to collectively determine the best legal cannabis products on the shelves today, in every category, for every lifestyle and use.

By joining the Proper Cannabis Committee, you’ll help consumers find the best cannabis for them, while powering our industry forward by contributing to the largest cannabis rating project in the world. And you’ll get to try leading cannabis products as they hit the shelves (and sometimes before!), all while taking your relationship with cannabis to sommelier-level.

If you’re interested, simply create a Proper account (here) with your industry email ( and notify our team by emailing with your name, company name, and location. Once verified, we’ll send you a welcome kit with all of the information you’ll need to start rating, in addition to some of the perks of your newfound power.


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