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Take your high under the tongue for a discreet and easy onset.

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LEVEL is dedicated to cannabinoid education and tapping into the plant's full potential. Their products are designed to address both medicinal and recreational needs with precision.

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Kin Slips

Kin Slips is dedicated to developing the most efficient intake method for ingestible cannabis with natural, plant-based ingredients.

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How To Come Down From A Too-Intense High

How To Come Down From A Too-Intense High

Getting too high is a fact of a cannabis-infused life. Here's how to wind back down when you've overdone it.

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A Quick Guide To Cannabis Extraction Methods

Wondering how concentrates are actually made? We're here to help.

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I Took This Bougie Tincture To A Monster Truck Rally

And all I got was the best time of my relatively young life.

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This Oil Is A Jack And Master Of All Trades

This oil exceeded all of my expectations and made me feel like a fool for ever doubting it.

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Weed To Make Workdays Great In Portland

Whether it's the TriMet or deadline anxiety holding you back, trust that I've got you covered.

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Sublinguals To Enhance Your Morning Ritual

Drop into your morning cup of coffee, or slip on under your tongue, these sublinguals are fast-acting and a perfect way to enhance your morning ritual.

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