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I want to feel calm

Calming highs even the most overworked and overcaffeinated can appreciate.

Recently Rated Calming Products

The Proper Cannabis Committee is just as stressed as the rest of us. Out of the thousands of products they test, these were most recently discovered to be calming.

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These Discreet Vapes And Edibles Crush Anxiety

Family reunions just got a lot easier. We put together a guide to calming products you can use under the radar.

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What A Dab Of THCA Can Do For Your Anxiety

Don't underestimate minor cannabinoids. One (like the little-known precursor to THC) just might be your favorite new chill pill.

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What The Hell Are Sublinguals And How Do They Work?

Before you go putting anything under your tongue, get these facts straight.

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Calming Reviews

Almonds For World Peace

The next time everyday life sends me into an irritable spiral, I'm reaching for these almonds.

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Microdose Mints That Offer Major Relief

These mints are the perfect way to introduce your grandma to weed.

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Relaxing Cannabis For Your Next Spa Day

These products should turn an average trip to the spa into a day of blissful recovery.

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Calming Sublinguals

Achieve the full-body effects of edibles in half the time by dissolving these products under your tongue. Did we mention they're discreet too?

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