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I want to feel creative

You've got the juice to make it happen, but here are some inspiring options in case you're having a creative block.

Recently Rated Creative Products

The Proper Cannabis Committee tests new products all the time. These are the latest products to promote original thinking.

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Top-Rated Creative Products

The results are in and this creative cannabis made the top-ranked list. Check out the most inspiring pre-rolls, vapes, flower, and other products here.

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Best Weed For A Creative Boost

Let these products set your imagination on fire. Whether you choose to then paint, dance, or reorganize your living room is totally up to you.

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Good For Making A Masterpiece

The world's most notable creatives—Steve Jobs, Salvador Dali, Prince—were all human. You've already got that part down, so all you need now is the right cannabis to help you with the rest.

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Flower To Feel Creative

Flower and ingenuity go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let these top picks prove it.

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Vape Pens To Feel Creative

Because artists live in non-smoking apartments, too.

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Pre-Rolls To Feel Creative

Leave rolling joints to the experts and focus on what you do best.

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Concentrates To Feel Creative

If you're looking for an extra-strength dose of wacky thoughts, you've come to the right place.

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Edibles To Feel Creative

Sometimes a little nibble is all it takes. If you're brand new to the edibles game, start with 5mg of THC or less and give your creativity two hours to flow before consuming more.

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Sublinguals To Feel Creative

Do you need to feel inspired discreetly, throughout your whole body, and in less than a half-hour? These products should fit the bill.

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