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I want to feel energized

Jumpstart your day or bring yourself back to life with these energizing highs.

Recently Rated Energizing Products

When the Proper Cannabis Committee discovers a new energy-boosting product, you'll be the first to know. Simply check out this list of newly rated products.

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Caffeinated Cannabis To Jumpstart Your Mornings

Some people think smoking weed is the opposite of a cup of coffee, but have you considered blending your two loves into one high? Welcome to the grounded blast-off you never knew you needed.

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9 Energizing Highs For Active Californians

Here in California, we're all about living that active lifestyle—provided there's some weed involved.

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Flower To Feel Energized

If you've ever smoked a sativa only to pass out on the couch, we feel you. That's why the Committee rates blinded samples of each product, so you know no presumptive labels affected their assessments.

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