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I want to feel focused

Turn your spaciest days around and hone into your workflow with these productive highs.

Recently Rated Focusing Products

The Proper Cannabis Committee tests thousands of products with the goal of discovering what they're best for. Check out the products they most recently discovered to be great for focus.

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Top-Rated Focusing Products

Between the flower, vapes, and other products on this top-rated list, there's bound to be something that'll put those blinders on.

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The Workday Survival Kit: California Edition

If you live in California, then you know it's not always as chill as everyone makes it out to be. Take the heat out of your deadlines and keep calm in the office with this dialed-in kit.

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Good For Getting Shit Done

There's no greater rush than checking items off your to-do list. The next time you're low on motivation and high on to-dos, reach for these products.

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Edibles To Feel Focused

When it comes to edibles, remember a little goes a long way. If you're just starting to experiment with productivity-enhancing edibles, try a microdose of 2.5mg of THC to start.

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