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I want to feel uplifted

Turn your day around with one of these mood-boosting highs.

Recently Rated Uplifting Products

In the process of rating new products, the Proper Cannabis Committee takes note when something lifts them up and out of a funk. These are the latest they've discovered.

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Top-Rated Uplifting Products

When it comes to elevating moods, these are the best of the best.

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Your Guide To Camping With Cannabis

Whether you’re the type to be one with nature or need a little something to survive all the nature, weed has your back.

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Your 8am Kickstart

These products are here to increase energy, brighten your outlook, and clear out whatever cobwebs might be keeping you down.

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Flower To Feel Uplifted

A few puffs are all you need to reach a higher plane.

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Vapes To Feel Uplifted

If vapor is more your jam, these are for you.

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Pre-Rolls To Feel Uplifted

For those times you're trying to lift up yourself and your whole crew.

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Concentrates To Feel Uplifted

A little dab will do you good.

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Edibles To Feel Uplifted

Lazy afternoons are about to get a whole lot dreamier.

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Beverages To Feel Uplifted

When you want hammock vibes without all the setup.

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Sublinguals To Feel Uplifted

Dissolve a dose under your tongue and let the good times roll.

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