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Profiles, product reviews, education, and guides to help you make sense of everything cannabis.

Editors' Picks

Leif Goods' Carrie Solomon On Reinventing Oregon's Edibles

Leif Goods is raising the bar on chocolate bars. CEO Carrie Solomon explains how she and her team did it.

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Jojo Yang: Engineer, DJ, Philanthropist

Jojo Yang explains why she loves rolling joints, taking her Puffco Peak to parties, and doing electrical engineering while high.

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Features You Need To Read

Sundae School's Founders Love Tiny Joints And Big Creativity

The BFF team behind Sundae School talk fashion, channeling creativity, and never re-lighting joints.

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Space Coyote On Potent Joints, Sustainability, And Love At First Lunch

Founders Libby Cooper and Scott Sundvor tell us how they built a life and a business together.

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Why Kin Slips' CEO Josh Kirby Decided To Start Over

As if inventing a new cannabis sublingual wasn't enough, Kirby decided to reformulate the entire Kin Slips product line.

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Artet Wants A Spot On Your Bar Cart

The founders explain what a cannabis aperitif is and why it's about to change your happy hour routine.

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A Golden State CEO Nishant Reddy On Growing Premium Cannabis Flower

A look inside the hydroelectric-powered, snowmelt-watered operation behind A Golden State's flower.

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Airgraft Is Making Safe Vapes From The Future

Whether he's designing cars or vapes, it's all about quality and safety for Airgraft CEO Mladen Barbaric.

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A Day In The Life Of Mr. Sherbinski

We spent a couple days with Mario Guzman, the man and mastermind behind Gelato.

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Time To Get Smart

CBD Is Non-Psychoactive And Other Myths

To get the most out of CBD, all it takes is a little understanding.

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Terpenes Are The Smart Way To Predict Your High

Using your nose as your guide, you can skip the indica vs. sativa politics and be your own personal weed expert within minutes.

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How To Come Down From A Too-Intense High

Getting too high is a fact of a cannabis-infused life. Here's how to wind back down when you've overdone it.

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The Difference Between Wax, Shatter, Crumble, And Other Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates have all kinds of labels. Here's what they actually mean.

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What The Hell Are Sublinguals And How Do They Work?

Before you go putting anything under your tongue, get these facts straight.

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Can Weed Help You Sleep? Yes, But It's Complicated

It's all about figuring out what's keeping you up at night and finding the right cannabinoid ratio from there.

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Year In Review

Best Cannabis Product Reviews For 2020

Brush up on our best reviews before heading into the new year.

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The Best Of

The Best California Cannabis Flower For Every Situation

Last updated: December 2019

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The Best California Edibles For Every Situation

Last updated: November 2019

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Let Us Be Your Guide

The Beginner's Guide To Buying Cannabis

Weed is complicated until it's not. Newcomers, this is the guide for you.

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The Brands Behind Our Favorite Rare Strains

This isn’t your average bargain-bin flower.

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Low-Dose Edibles To Take You From Day To Night

Because finding your perfect dose shouldn't be a chore.

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The Best Vapes For Every Situation: California Edition

For every vibe, there’s a vape.

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Our Favorite Product Reviews

The Little Edible That Saved Christmas

Who knew a few chocolate-covered strawberries could reroute a potential disaster into a multicultural feast?

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Jumpstart Vacation Mode In Two Gummies Or Less

I have a hard time relaxing even when all the conditions are right. Enter tiny, delicious weed gummies.

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Rocket Fuel That Keeps You Grounded

Energy boost? Check. Zen vibes? Check.

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A Brite Light At The End Of An Allergic Reaction

A few puffs of this bright, effervescent vape were all it took to pull me out of an allergy-induced panic.

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The Pod To Make Every Fan Girl's Dreams Come True

The relaxed, introspective nature of this high helped me fully appreciate the Twilight-themed road trip of my dreams.

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A Blue Dream Cartridge True To Its Dreamy Name

This dreamlike high turned the mall into a real adventure.

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