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Manzanita Naturals The Fizz Ginger Root Natural Soda


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The Fizz Ginger Root Natural Soda
Product Information

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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 bottle

Package Contents/Qty

One 12 fl oz bottle (10mg THC)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life

Best within 1 year of manufacture


CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil infused in sparkling water with sugar cane, honey, fresh-pressed ginger root, pineapple and lime juice

Nutrition Facts
Calories 98
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 45mg
Total Carbs 28g
Total Sugars 28g


The Fizz Helps You Rise To The Occasion

This effervescent offering was loved by the PCC for its full-bodied flavor and energetic effects.

IN REVIEW: These hit fast with 10mg of THC and uplifting flavors that give way to equally buoyant effects. The balanced high is just as good for jamming through a to-do list as it is diving into a good book, and it comes and goes without a scary peak or grogginess on the comedown, making it an approachable foray into edibles for those new to the game. Take this to your next park hang, or use it as a mixer for your favorite cocktail to take an evening with your partner to the next level. 

I should state right from the onset that if you have even the slightest inclination towards ginger root—you will absolutely love this drink. It’s like a gingered up Fresca on steroids, and it gets vaunted right up there with some of my favorite drinks, medicated or not. The Fizz Ginger Root Natural Soda by Manzanita Naturals is a home run in both taste and effects felt. Not to harp too much on the flavor of this ginger and citrus beverage, but this is something I could enjoy even on those rare occasions when I don’t feel like being high. Between the ginger, lime, and honey, the notes complement each other perfectly, and I could easily make this my go-to refreshment.

It has a supremely refreshing quality to it, best expressed on Summer days or lazy weekends doing work around the house.

This is the sort of drink you keep in the special cooler when you have parties. The one kept out of clear view so not just anyone can get into your preferred, secret drinks. For the casual partygoer, there’s always the big white cooler near the sliding door, where all the sodas and domestic beers can be found. But if you look close enough, you can often find the secret cooler tucked away in the corner. The one that’s for your favorite drinks and is normally accessible only to VIPs. In this smaller cooler, you can normally find the top-shelf Tequila along with the good, imported stuff. Adding a few Fizz Ginger Roots to that mix would add a nice range to the assortment.

As an alcohol substitute, it takes the place of your favorite wine cooler or 90’s era Zima nicely. This is the sort of drink that would win fans over at your next BBQ or beach picnic. It has a supremely refreshing quality to it, best expressed on Summer days or lazy weekends doing work around the house. Each 12 oz. bottle contains 10mg of THC. I waited no longer than half an hour to feel the first effects of this gingery elixir.

As luck would have it, I was making sauerkraut when I was hit with a rolling wave of good vibrations. I started to get really comfortable squeezing my cabbage (not a euphemism), and before I knew it I had three mason jars filled with what I hoped to be some primo kraut in a matter of weeks. This medicated drink brought out the homesteader in me. (It also helps that we are currently in a pandemic, and pickling vegetables seems like the thing to do.)

I must have been in a real zone because I moved right along to pickling some cucumbers, and then some carrots, then beets, and I probably would’ve pickled the remote control too if I hadn’t been snapped out of my daze by burning myself on some hot tongs.

The sense of euphoria seesawed from grandiose thinking to simply busting a move or two when Digital Underground came on the radio. 

This sense of intrepidness and creating something worthwhile was a defining characteristic of this high. I rode that vibe and decided it was the time to fix a few things around the house. I played my Ultimate 90’s Hip Hop mix and wished I had another Fizz Ginger Root to sip on as I fixed a couple doorknobs and banged a few nails into the wall. Nothing major, but just enough to get on my wife’s good side.

The sense of euphoria seesawed from grandiose thinking to simply busting a move or two when Digital Underground came on the radio. It made me feel more extroverted than usual, and I thought it would really be a great choice for any social gathering or night out. I just figured if I was enjoying myself doing these banal tasks all alone, then surely this would be a smashing success amongst others.

What this high ultimately amounted to was an added layer of color and vibrancy to all things. This either makes you more appreciative or inquisitive. It was like putting on psychedelic beer goggles to give your day that added tint. A new way of looking at things without the anxiety or headache that sometimes comes with edibles. I can hardly think of a scenario where this drink wouldn’t help propel you to join in on the human experience.

For me, The Fizz Ginger Root by Manzanita Naturals stands as one of the very best tasting cannabis-infused drinks that I’ve tried. The buzz that followed was a joyful and euphoric romp into becoming your own best friend when the real ones aren’t available. 

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August 6th, 2020
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