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Rebel Coast Sparkling Sauvage


Ranked 12 of 63 in Beverages for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 12 of 63 in Beverages for feeling Euphoric.

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Sparkling Sauvage
Product Information

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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 can

Package Contents/Qty

One 12 fl oz can (10mg THC)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Fermented grape juice, natural flavors, cannabis, and potassium (to protect natural flavors and color)

Nutrition Facts
Calories 49
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 30mg
Total Carbs 13g
Total Sugars 9g
Protein 0g
Iron 1mg
Potassium 186mg


Uncork This Vintage High

Rebel Coast’s 2019 Sparkling Sauvage pays homage to wine while delivering a sativa powered boost.

IN REVIEW: This cannabis-infused sparkling beverage makes for a perfect alternative to alcohol with none of the negative side effects. Its 10mg of THC offers an initial hit of mood-boosting energy before it settles you into a calm state on the other side. Take one to your next park hang for an easygoing and uplifting experience with friends, or grab a couple for your next date night to have you both feeling a bit more bubbly from this amorous cannabis.

When it comes to vintage products, any year is a fine year if you’re looking to get high. Rebel Coast’s 2019 Sparkling Sauvage channels Sonoma Valley and certain sections of Humboldt County in one 12-ounce pop-top can. It’s a refreshingly crisp beverage with sweet notes of grape and just enough fizz to give off the allure of sparkling wine. Wine like this could easily be paired with some olives or cheese, and if you’re the highfalutin type, maybe ditch the can altogether and pour it in your favorite stemware. Being that I typically break all our wine glasses, I decided to spare myself the future trouble and enjoy this cannabis-infused beverage out on my patio, straight from the can. As an alternative to alcohol—this hits all the marks.

I felt like my high was very conducive to detail-oriented tasks.

It’s not often I enjoy a glass of wine in the morning as a pre-workout drink, but these are strange times we’re living in. In actuality, this Sparkling Sauvage only contains less than .5% alcohol. The effect is a classic sativa high that energizes the senses rather than dulling them. It also had the added benefit of reducing my stress levels to a very nominal degree. For instance, I recently ordered a punching bag and pull-up rack, and it was on this day that I was to assemble the colossal contraption. While nothing raises my blood pressure more than putting furniture together, the fact that I kept cool throughout it all is about as high a testimonial as I could give. There’s something about the soothing sounds of the Allman Brothers Band coupled with 10mgs of THC that puts you in a sort of devil-may-care mood, and I simply couldn’t envision myself getting hung up on anything.

I felt like my high was very conducive to detail-oriented tasks, like the one I was embarking on. It was very much unlike myself to take a pause and follow directions. Normally I just plow ahead without help from the instruction manual and do a good amount of guesswork when it comes to what I screw in and where. I didn’t do that this time, however, and that may explain why I put it together so well. This cannabis-infused beverage could prove to be adept at helping you narrow your focus when it comes to whatever project you may be tackling.

Had I drank an actual can of wine, I can tell you without question that I would have just wound up napping amongst the unused sea of washers, Allen wrenches, and styrofoam packaging. Now, I had not only put together something that my wife predicted would take me months, but I was also about to put it to good use. The energizing buzz of the Sparkling Sauvage was potent and long-lasting. I subsequently breezed through a 45-minute heavy bag workout that was at once exhaustive and fun.

What started as an upbeat and euphoric buzz seamlessly moved to a more calming and centering experience. 

As this high winded down, I began to settle into a more relaxed frame of mind. What started as an upbeat and euphoric buzz seamlessly moved to a more calming and centering experience. This is a drink that can be enjoyed day or night, alone or with others. If you and your significant other like getting high together, maybe bring this along for your next picnic or abandoned building break-in. At the very least, you’ll never be accused of not being the hopeless romantic you always were. Maybe bring along the stemware too, but for the love of God be careful with that stuff.

Rebel Coast makes a low-calorie, cannabis-infused sparkling drink that delivers on the fun with the added bonus of not giving you a hangover. The high is long-lasting and peppered with energy and euphoria. For 10mg, it packed a hefty punch without being unmanageable. It’s well poised to take the place of your favorite Sunday morning wine cooler or after-work glass of pinot. The best part is that you get none of the grogginess while maintaining the notes of a carefree and, dare we say, rebellious sort of joy.

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September 28th, 2022
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