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Splash Nano Splash Tsunami Drink Additive - 2 Pack


SPLASH NANO is a liquid cannabis drink additive made from Rosin. Add to ANY drink. Flavorless, no sugar, discrete. Easy to take anywhere. Tsunami comes in a 2 pack of 50 mg THC each.

Ranked 28 of 65 in Beverages for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 28 of 65 in Beverages for feeling Euphoric.

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Splash Tsunami Drink Additive - 2 Pack
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50mg THC





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1 vial

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Two vials (100mg THC)

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Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Lecithin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Sodium Benzoate


Ride The Tide With Splash Nano’s Tsunami

Fast acting and versatile, the possibilities are as endless as they are enjoyable.

IN REVIEW: Tsunami by Splash Nano is a full-spectrum infused drink additive containing 50mg THC per vial (2 vials per package, 100mg total). Crafted with rosin, this product is as elite as it is effective. Whether you’re looking for a mellow swell or a billowing surge, you can conveniently add your desired level of buzz to the beverage of your choice thanks to the metered notches along the side. So add a touch to your favorite drink to take any activity to the next level, or tip it back and go all out. There's no wrong way to enjoy this incredible infusion.

Many of us have had the same experience with edibles and maybe even THC-infused drinks—you don’t immediately catch a buzz, so you figure it's a good idea to increase the dose. Fast forward an hour and a half later and you find yourself down an anxiety-ridden rabbit hole Googling things that will only haunt your search history as you send ill-advised text messages.

That was far from my experience with Tsunami. While the name screams intensity (which isn’t inaccurate in any way, shape, or form), I found the high to be more relaxed and heady than I’d initially anticipated.

With its quick onset of about 15 minutes, you don’t have to worry about that delayed dosage regret that can come from user error, impatience, or miscalculation. The onset of the high began in my head, and after about 30 minutes I could feel tension release from my face, specifically my cheeks.

The natural flavor could be beautifully complimented with some mint, fresh basil leaves, or perhaps a little rosemary.

As a natural-born creature of anxiety, I’m prone to holding an incredible amount of tension in my head and neck, topped off with jaw clenching for some extra flavor. With this high, I had a welcomed window of relief and I was able to ease those muscles that are usually constricted in suspense from whatever life may throw at me in any given moment. To say the effects were a reprieve from my natural state would be an understatement. Additionally, the body buzz was more subtle, but equal in relief and pleasantry.

I originally mixed about 5mg with water to get an uninterrupted flavor profile. Immediately, I noticed that the taste is very herbal and botanical, but I also sensed some citrus notes as well. From there I decided to try mixing it with a couple of beverages that I had in house: lemonade (which I thought would be the clear winner) and orange juice. To my surprise, orange juice came out on top; perfectly complimenting Tsunami’s splash of flavor without the tartness of lemonade which, while still tasty and highly effective, I found a little less complimentary.

It comes as no surprise that Splash Nano has a page on their site dedicated to recipes – and the flavor possibilities are infinite. As a teetotaler, I was immediately inspired with the endless variety of THC-infused “mocktails” that were now possible. The natural flavor within each vial could be beautifully complimented with either some mint, fresh basil leaves, or perhaps a little rosemary. Pair it with some muddled berries, top off with some sparkling water, and blast off (dosage depending, of course).

After drinking about 20mg, I was pleasantly surprised by my level of comfort and I never felt overmedicated. Regardless, I have a pretty high tolerance and would advise easing into the dosage. The milligram notches on each vial made dosing simple and easy. What I really like is that with the combined factors of fast-acting + controlled dosing, the potential for your tailor-made high is as attainable as it is exciting.

Even hours later, I was still relaxed.

Additionally, I was a little worried that once my buzz faded I’d feel foggy or experience a slight crash. I was once again pleasantly surprised when these concerns were unfounded. Once my high ran its course, I found myself as I was before, only less tense and with a body mellow that carried through the remainder of my day. After coming down, I was able to go out to dinner in a crowded restaurant without any anxiety or strung-out after effects.

Even hours later,  I was still relaxed and fell asleep with ease without any need for my usual sleep aids. I look forward to trying Tsunami in the evening for maximum relaxation benefits, but am also mindful that it won’t knock me on my ass during the day (unless, of course, that's what I'm aiming for). The controlled dosing puts you in charge of your high, and the fast onset gives you an accurate gauge of where you are.

Splash Nano’s line is versatile, inspiring, and incredibly appealing to someone who wants to unwind with a tasty drink but might not do well with alcohol.

Now, can I interest anyone in a mocktail?

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August 17th, 2022
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