Galactic Gas Sauce


Product Details

64.56% THC
Woody, Diesel

Product Description

AlienLabs’ Galactic Gas Sauce is an earthy concentrate with a sleepy reputation. It makes for a moderately smooth hit and calming head high, which is often balanced with a relaxing body buzz. Your best bet is to dab this before bed and crawl under the covers. You shouldn’t have a problem staying there when it hits.

Effects Profile

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About AlienLabs

Based in California, Alien Labs is dedicated to breeding and producing small-batch products with individual strains that are meticulously selected for their perfect flavor and high. With unique gnetics like KryptoChronic and Xeno, they can provide complex profiles that take users on a journey to another dimension. And their commitment to quality and innovation has led them to create groundbreaking products such as their solventless line and vaporizers. So whether you are a connoisseur or new to the scene, you can trust in Alien Labs to be a brand that will provide you the high quality experience you’ve been looking for.