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Chemistry Full-Spectrum Cannabis Crystalline


Chemistry’s Blackberry Fire Crystalline concentrate has a sweet, earthy flavor and makes for a kind and comfortable hit. The resulting high comes in on a wave of calm that sinks you peacefully into the couch. This will knock you down for a minute. Get comfortable. It’s a strong and blissful ride.

Ranked 7 of 100 in Concentrates for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 7 of 100 in Concentrates for feeling Relaxed.

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Blackberry Fire Crystalline
Product Information

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85.8% THC

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Full Spectrum

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Sun Grown

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Melt Everything Away By Lounging With Blackberry Fire

This heady, relaxing concentrate from Chemistry leads to maximum tranquility

IN REVIEW: There are hammers and there are sledgehammers, this is the latter. If you’re looking to explore the heavier side of the indica realm, let Blackberry Fire Crystalline be your guide. Finish that to-do list before you dab or vaporize this crystalline concentrate and learn what it truly means to feel smacked.

Blackberry Fire Crystalline from Chemistry is a mouthwatering indica concentrate that sent me into the outer realms of euphoria. In other words, it got me exceptionally high. My initial hope was that it could relieve some of the aches and pains I had from a few intense workouts. It achieved that, and then some. I think a truck could have run over my foot and I would have been okay with it.

The first hour after vaping this strain was spent within the confines of my couch. With a gust of cool air coming through the window, and the last of the day’s sunlight creeping over my face, I had arrived at what I considered to be the pinnacle of relaxation. Closing my eyes only heightened the experience. There were moments where I truly lost myself to the sensations. While I had intended on getting some work done, it was becoming clear that was not in the cards.

It was only when I resigned myself to unwinding, and no longer paying attention to my to-do list, that this strain really start to take off. It was difficult to recall a time where I was so relaxed. While I was laying on my firm sofa, it felt more like I was being raised in the air by a team of very well-meaning and gentle bliss trolls.

This high was the perfect companion for an easygoing stroll.

As the sun started to set, I felt like I wanted to experience it from a better vantage point. I took my dog outside for a walk up the block, where it’s easier to get a better view of the sun creeping behind the Santa Monica mountains. This high was the perfect companion for an easygoing stroll. There was a deep sense of appreciation channeling through me, and I experienced some insightful moments that almost made me wish I had a notepad.

Coming in at 85.8% THC, with 1.2% terpenes, this is not a concentrate to be trifled with. There were some moments where I thought the high was getting away from me, and I could sense some uneasy anxiety creeping in. I combatted that with some good old-fashioned meditation, where for 20 minutes I let myself fall into a deep abyss of awareness. By the time I finished I was on firm ground and felt rejuvenated. I really felt deep satisfaction from the simple act of focused breathing.

After a few hours, the indica side of this concentrate truly took over and I could hardly keep my eyes open. At one point I fell asleep with the TV remote still in my hand, hanging off the couch. When I woke up some time later, it took me a few seconds to get my bearings. By this time the munchies had hit me full on, and my only purpose in life was to find some food—the greasier the better. I thought about ordering something for delivery, but I couldn’t be sure I would stay awake to answer the door. So I microwaved a frozen meal and guzzled a jug of water. Yes, that visual is a bit depressing, but it tasted like a five-star meal at a fine dining restaurant. I was that hungry.

As a sleep aid and appetite enhancer, you'd be hard pressed to do better than this concentrate. The added benefit of pain relief makes this a real marvel. One gram of Chemistry’s sun-grown, full-spectrum Blackberry Fire retails for $60, so it ain't cheap, but its certainly worth it. The aroma provides a sweet, citrus flavor and is bound to leave you with a pleasant aftertaste. This heavy indica is not ideal for attention-demanding tasks. The real strengths lie in its sedative-like effects and ability to induce a great wave of euphoria. It truly is perfect for night time, or digging deep into the attic of your mind.

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