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Dab Society Extracts Banana Cream Live Resin


Dab Society Extracts' Banana Cream Live Resin is a dieselly concentrate with a tendency to spark focus. The heavy nature of the body high keeps you grounded while the light head buzz retains your attention span, so this is a good option for a long day in a desk chair.

Ranked 27 of 44 in Concentrates for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 27 of 44 in Concentrates for feeling Focused.

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Banana Cream Live Resin
Product Information

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65.9% THC, 2.2% CBD

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Side Effects

Dry Mouth


Blue Dream, Banana OG

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This Concentrate Is Bananas

Spend more money on that rig first timers, because with the Banana Cream Live Resin you won’t have to scrap quality for price on your first concentrate pickup.

Oh cannabis concentrates, the final frontier in any toker’s odyssey to find that perfect high. Known by various names such as shatter, wax, and of course dabs (no not the dance move), concentrates are quickly finding their way onto many stoner shopping lists. When I’m slanging buds at my shop, I get many customers who are curious about concentrates. But with little info available to average consumers and a heavy startup cost, many inevitably end up going for that quick joint or edible. To those ready to take the jump into the wonderful world of concentrates or to my seasoned smokers looking for their next chronic pick-me-up, I’m here to give you the scoop: Dab Society is bringing some high-quality live resin to the table that’s sure to have you feeling something special.

A live resin will give the smoker a full-bodied effect with the added benefit of strong flavors.

As an experienced budtender and cannabis lover, I know I personally enjoy concentrates with complicated terpene profiles and light, smooth vapor. Dab Society’s Banana Cream Live Resin fits the script perfectly. Allow me to nerd out on you for just a moment. Live resin is a form of concentrate processed from freshly harvested plants that are then flash-frozen and put into a large tube where butane is then pushed through to extract all the good stuff. What you’re left with is a goopy, sap-like product that is usually lower in THC than its shatter counterparts but much higher in terpenes and minor cannabinoids. In other words, a live resin will give the smoker a full-bodied effect with the added benefit of strong flavors. It’s truly unlike anything most casual smokers would expect.

Dab Society’s Banana Cream variety is bursting with sweet, perfumey banana smells and undertones of earthy funkiness. I started to drool just smelling it, which should give you an idea of how mouthwatering it is. A Banana OG crossed with Cookies and Cream, this concentrate was finely processed from Old Gold Farms flower with strain preservation in mind. I placed a pinch of the live resin in a new dab rig I’d been excited to test out. Right away, I noticed the vapor was smooth with a milky creaminess that was very reminiscent of its Cookies parent. The aftertaste was absolutely delightful and beckoned me to smoke more, but I restrained myself to get a good sense of how it’d effect me first. I prepared myself for a nice, stoney high, positive I wouldn’t have the energy to get anything on my to-do list done.

Soon after inhaling the vapor, a strong body high instantly washed over me like a warm blanket of euphoria. At the same time, an upbeat head high took over, centering itself at the crown of my head. Any cares were wiped from my mind and I sat back with The Office running to keep me entertained. The euphoria was palpable, and left me feeling so relaxed I was verging on sleepy. In my opinion, this is the perfect strain for a midday nap. Anyone looking to crush some aches and pains or de-stress after a tough week should definitely give this live resin a go.

This is the perfect strain for a midday nap.

But just when I thought I’d be couch-locked all afternoon, I found the energy to skate to the park, where I hung out for a while and journaled. After a few hours, the high had softened and I was left feeling light and breezy—no drowsy comedowns with this stuff. Boasting 65% THC and a notable 2.2% CBD for just $35 a gram, this is easily one of the most affordable, high-quality options I’ve come across as of late. Spend more money on that rig first timers, because with the Banana Cream Live Resin you won’t have to scrap quality for price on your first concentrate pickup.

It truly is a rarity to come across a product I don’t have anything to complain about as I am incredibly picky these days, but this live resin was truly kickass. Having some prior negative experiences with Dab Society, I have been completely won over by the Banana Cream concentrate. If there is anything negative I can muster up, it’s likely the cotton mouth that cropped up now and again with this product. Still, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t cure with a large bubble tea, my favorite thing to drink when blazed. I am so impressed by the price point of this live resin that I highly recommend grabbing a ton of it if you see it. It’s—dare I say it—bananas. 

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