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Field Extracts Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin


Ranked 73 of 193 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 73 of 193 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin
Product Information

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73.4% THC, <0.2% CBD

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I Vape, You Vape, We All Vape With Ice Cream Cake

This decadent concentrate from F/ELD offers a euphoric and leisurely way to spend a Sunday.

IN REVIEW: F/ELD’s Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin is an indica concentrate with 74.4% THC, and it’s everything you need to relax after a long day. And if you’re looking for something to help you spend a couch-locked weekend, it’s also the perfect concentrate to help you do anything but. We’re talking favorite sweatpants, binging multiple seasons of TV fuel here. And if you do go that route, rest assured that its sweet notes of vanilla cream are sure to send you to the fridge or front door for some munchies.

I felt totally in tune with my surroundings, and it made for some blissful moments.

To start off, you really do get a big taste of ice cream with every vape of this live rosin from F/ELD. It’s a world expanding high that lends your surroundings a different veneer of vibrancy, and it almost beckoned me to go outside and explore the terrain. I heeded the call and took the dog out for a laidback midday stroll. I let him lead the way while I just hung back and basked in the sun.

My first impression of this high was that it made me happy even when I had no reason to be. It simply coaxed a sense of good naturedness from me, much like actual ice cream can do. If you’re battling the blues, you would be well advised to take this concentrate for a spin. There was hardly a moment in this long-lasting high where I felt stressed or anxious. It felt more like being on a slow-moving conveyor belt where I greeted the townsfolk with her majesty’s wave and a smile. It was an extremely generous and good-natured high. There was also a nice amount of insight that came from this. While I was walking with the dog, I would just get these real eureka moments that made so much sense. I had to stop a few times and be like, “Yeah, that is the way things are...” And I found that it had some real problem-solving capabilities.

Upon returning home from the dog walk, I decided to really crank up the relaxation factor. So I headed poolside where I continued to soak up the good vibes. It was one of those busy Sundays by the complex pool where kids were shooting each other with squirt guns and abuelas congregated under the shade, sharing tupperware containers of rich foods. I found a chaise lounge in the corner, and entered a very zen state of mind, no matter how much screaming and horseplaying was going down. Occasionally, I would do a cannonball into the deep end to cool off, and that was nothing short of a euphoric thunderbomb. This high made it to where every gust of wind or water droplet was like heaven’s touch. I felt totally in tune with my surroundings, and it made for some blissful moments.

This is a good choice for those with a high tolerance, and anyone suffering from minor aches and pains.

This isn’t for the faint of heart, however. The 74.4% THC is enough to take you into the deep end depending on how much rosin you like to slather into your rig. Towards the evening, I went bigger with my dosage and was rewarded with a veritable light show of moving images every time I closed my eyes. Then, at some point, I just passed out. If it’s sleep you seek, you shall find it in this ice cream flavored rosin.

This is a good choice for those with a high tolerance, and anyone suffering from minor aches and pains. I have a chronic shoulder injury, but even when I went for a swim, it didn’t bother me in the slightest. I felt as loose and comfortable as a trapeze artist entering the big top. The entire Sunday was like I was on euphoric autopilot. Chill vibes filled the air, and an indifference to stress really defined this high. I remember thinking if I could just cultivate more of this state of mind, maybe I’d have less gray hair. And no matter how turnt I got, I experienced no brain fog. Even after taking a larger dose to help me sleep, I was no worse for wear the following morning. F/elds Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin simply takes ice cream socials to a new and blissful level, and I’m all about it.

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August 11th, 2022
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